Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


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Lightning Talks (42)

Easy GnuPG
Shell scripts to make GnuPG more accessible and easier to use
Dashamir Hoxha H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 12:00 12:15 webm mp4
BulletinBoard DHT and wireguard-p2p Manuel Schoelling H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 12:20 12:35 webm mp4
Nakadi Event Broker
An event broker with a REST API, on top of Kafka-like queues
Lionel Montrieux H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 12:40 12:55 webm mp4
Connecting the Edge
Project Flogo as Ultra-lightweight IoT Apps framework
Anshul Sharma H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 13:00 13:15 webm mp4
PBX on a non-specialized distro
How and why we included an easy FreePBX setup in NethServer
Stefano Fancello H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 13:20 13:35 webm mp4
Urbit: the personal server
A clean-slate decentralized software stack.
Mark Staarink H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 13:40 13:55 webm mp4
Making electronics
How to assemble open source electronics projects
Kaspar Emanuel H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 14:00 14:15 webm mp4
Introduction into the ppci project Windel Bouwman H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 14:20 14:35 webm mp4
i3 window manager
A tiling wm for developers
Emeric Planet H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 14:40 14:55 webm mp4
Godot 3, libre gamedev for everyone
The 2D and 3D game engine you've waited for!
Rémi Verschelde H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 15:00 15:15 webm mp4
i++: run your FOSS off
Automatically counting laps at the 24 hour run in Leuven
Roel Standaert H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 15:20 15:35 webm mp4
GNU/Linux Disaster Recovery, the open source way
Didac Oliveira H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 15:40 15:55 webm mp4
Starviewer: FOSS DICOM Medical Imaging Software
Over 10 years fulfilling the daily needs of clinicians and researchers
Marc Ruiz, Adria Julia (adriaj) H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 16:00 16:15 webm mp4
War Stories from the Automotive FLOSS Front
fun and pain doing FLOSS in the car
Susanne Oberhauser-Hirschoff, Stefan Potyra H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 16:20 16:35 webm mp4
GASdotto: a platform for ethical purchasing
Matching freesoftware with ethical economy
Roberto Guido H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 16:40 16:55 webm mp4
Addressing the long tail of applications Vincent Massol H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 17:00 17:15 webm mp4
Open Food Facts: the wikipedia of food products
What if you could freely analyse all the food and cosmetic products in the world?
Anca Luca H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 17:20 17:35 webm mp4
LitOps: literature-as-software
Briging DevOps culture to the creation and production of books
Juan Julián Merelo H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 17:40 17:55 webm mp4
OSS bug bounties sponsored by the EU
Marek Przybyszewski H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 18:00 18:15 webm mp4
Tips & Tricks to finance an Open Source Project without selling your soul Ludovic Dubost H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 18:20 18:35 webm mp4
FOSSology - OSS Project for License Compliance Michael Jaeger, Maximilian Huber H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 18:40 18:55 webm mp4
Let's Fix The Internet Martin Bähr H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 10:00 10:15 webm mp4
Regular Expression Derivatives in Python Michael Paddon H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 10:20 10:35 webm mp4
Adding performance counters to htop Hisham Muhammad H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 10:40 10:55 webm mp4
Emitter: Scalable, fast and secure pub/sub in Go
Scalable and real-time networking for IoT, web apps and gaming. Open source or cloud based.
Tom Marechal H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 11:00 11:15 webm mp4
Linux Test Project introduction Cyril Hrubis H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 11:20 11:35 webm mp4
LizardFS and OpenNebula, a petabyte cloud the simple way
How to move OpenNebula into the Petabyte space with LizardFS
Michal Bielicki H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 11:40 11:55 webm mp4
GrimoireLab: free software for software development analytics Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 12:00 12:15 webm mp4
Perceval: Software Project Data at Your Will
OSS development tools data extraction
Valerio Cosentino H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 12:20 12:35 webm mp4
Are distributions still relevant? Sanja Bonic H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 12:40 12:55 webm mp4
FreeBSD : pkg provides
A plugin for querying which package provides a particular file
Rodrigo Osorio H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 13:00 13:15 webm mp4
Wrap it Up! Packaging from Pots to Software Gordon Haff H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 13:20 13:35 webm mp4
Vis Editor: Combining modal editing with structural regular expressions Marc André Tanner H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 13:40 13:55 webm mp4
Viva, the NoSQL Postgres !
Jsonb history and roadmap
Oleg Bartunov H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 14:00 14:15 webm mp4
AMENDMENT Designing a Libre Embedded / Mobile RISCV64 SoC
Distillation of the best features and pin-multiplexing of commercial embedded / mobile processors
Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 14:20 14:35 webm mp4
NoSQL Means No Security? Philipp Krenn H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 14:40 14:55 webm mp4
Your Build in a Datacenter
Remote Caching and Execution in Bazel
Jakob Buchgraber H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 15:00 15:15 webm mp4
Enroll 2FA to thousands of users with privacyIDEA
Automating processes with privacyIDEA
Cornelius Kölbel H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 15:20 15:35 webm mp4
The future of Sympa
from mailing lists to social networks
Marc Chantreux H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 15:40 15:55 webm mp4
Static Infrastructure Status with Jekyll and GitHub Pages Carsten Thiel H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 16:00 16:15 webm mp4
Snabb - A toolkit for user-space networking Diego Pino H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 16:20 16:35 webm mp4
FOSDEM Infrastructure Review Richard Hartmann H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 16:40 16:55 webm mp4

Certification (7)

BSDCG Exam Session BSDCG Team UB2.147 Saturday 10:30 12:30
LPI Exam Session 1 LPI Team UB2.147 Saturday 13:00 15:00
LPI Exam Session 2 LPI Team UB2.147 Saturday 15:30 17:30
LPI Exam Session 3 LPI Team UB2.147 Sunday 09:30 11:30
LibreOffice Exam Session 1 LibreOffice Team UB2.147 Sunday 12:00 13:00
LibreOffice Exam Session 2 LibreOffice Team UB2.147 Sunday 13:30 14:30
LibreOffice Exam Session 3 LibreOffice Team UB2.147 Sunday 15:00 16:00

Keynotes (5)

Welcome to FOSDEM 2018 FOSDEM Staff Janson Saturday 09:30 09:55
Consensus as a Service
Twenty Years of OSI Stewardship
Simon Phipps, Italo Vignoli Janson Saturday 10:00 10:50 webm mp4
Next Generation Internet Initiative
An opportunity to fix the internet
Rob van Kranenburg, Michiel Leenaars, Marietje Schaake, Georgios Tselentis Janson Saturday 11:00 11:50 webm mp4
Exploiting modern microarchitectures
Meltdown, Spectre, and other hardware attacks
Jon Masters Janson Sunday 17:00 17:50 webm mp4
Closing FOSDEM 2018 FOSDEM Staff Janson Sunday 17:50 18:00 webm mp4

Community (4)

OpenADx – xcelerate your Automated Driving development
Leveraging open collaboration and open source to accelerate development of Automated Driving
Lars Geyer-Blaumeiser K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Sunday 13:00 13:50 webm mp4
Why I forked my own project and my own company
ownCloud to Nextcloud
Frank Karlitschek K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Sunday 14:00 14:50 webm mp4
Sustainability of Open Source in International Development
A new approach from the United Nations Foundation
Michael Downey K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Sunday 15:00 15:50 webm mp4
AMENDMENT Community & Business
Two worlds, one galaxy
Michael Kromer K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Sunday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4

History (4)

Unix Architecture Evolution from the 1970 PDP-7 to the 2018 FreeBSD
Important Milestones and Lessons Learned
Diomidis Spinellis Janson Saturday 12:00 12:50 webm mp4
The circuit less traveled
Investigating some alternate histories of computing.
Liam Proven Janson Saturday 13:00 13:50 webm mp4
Digital Archaeology
Maintaining our digital heritage
Steven Goodwin Janson Saturday 14:00 14:50 webm mp4
Reimagining EDSAC in open source
An valve computer reimplemented using FPGAs, Arduinos, 3D printing and discrete electronics
Mary Bennett Janson Saturday 15:00 15:50 webm mp4

Miscellaneous (8)

Configuration Revolution
Why it Needed 13 Years and How it Will be Done
Markus Raab K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 15:00 15:50 webm mp4
IPC in 1-2-3
Everything you always wanted from a network, but were afraid to ask
Dimitri Staessens, Sander Vrijders K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 16:00 16:50 webm mp4
Igniting the Open Hardware Ecosystem with RISC-V
SiFive's Freedom U500 is the World's First Linux-capable Open Source SoC Platform
Palmer Dabbelt K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 17:00 17:50 webm mp4
Terra Bruciata
where bugs cannot survive
Riccardo Bernardini K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 18:00 18:50 webm mp4
Cyborg Teams
Training machines to be Open Source contributors
Stef Walter K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Sunday 10:00 10:50 webm mp4
Running Android on the Mainline Graphics Stack Robert Foss K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Sunday 11:00 11:50 webm mp4
Re-structuring a giant, ancient code-base for new platforms
Making LibreOffice work well everywhere.
Michael Meeks K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Sunday 12:00 12:50 webm mp4
AMENDMENT So you think you can validate email addresses
A journey down RFC5321
Stavros Korokithakis K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Sunday 16:30 16:45 webm mp4

Performance (3)

MySQL: Scaling & High Availability Production experience for the last decade Peter Zaitsev Janson Saturday 16:00 16:50 webm mp4
Elasticsearch (R)Evolution
You Know, for Search...
Philipp Krenn Janson Saturday 17:00 17:50 webm mp4
Optimizing Software Defined Storage for the Age of Flash Krutika Dhananjay, Manoj Pillai, Raghavendra Gowdappa Janson Saturday 18:00 18:50 webm mp4

Python (4)

Python 3: 10 years later
Looking back at Python evolutions of the last 10 years
Victor Stinner K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 11:00 11:50 webm mp4
Surviving in an Open Source Niche: the Pythran case
a compiler for scientific kernels written in Python, six years later
Serge Guelton (serge-sans-paille) K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 12:00 12:50 webm mp4
Lift your Speed Limits with Cython
Fast native code for Python
Stefan Behnel K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 13:00 13:50 webm mp4
Load testing web services at Mozilla with Molotov
Tarek Ziade K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 14:00 14:50 webm mp4

Security and Encryption (5)

Sancus 2.0: Open-Source Trusted Computing for the IoT Jan Tobias Muehlberg Janson Sunday 10:00 10:50 webm mp4
Using TPM 2.0 As a Secure Keystore on your Laptop
It's not as difficult as you think!
James Bottomley Janson Sunday 11:00 11:50 webm mp4
Data integrity protection with cryptsetup tools
what is the Linux dm-integrity module and why we extended dm-crypt to use authenticated encryption
Milan Broz Janson Sunday 12:00 12:50 webm mp4
Inside Monero
The world's first fungible cryptocurrency
Howard Chu Janson Sunday 13:00 13:50 webm mp4
Security Theatre
The (mostly) unknown OSI Layer 8
Markus Feilner Janson Sunday 14:00 14:50 webm mp4

Space (2)

SatNOGS: Crowd-sourced satellite operations
Satellite Open Source Ground Station Network
Nikos Roussos Janson Sunday 15:00 15:50 webm mp4
The story of UPSat
Building the first open source software and hardware satellite
Pierros Papadeas Janson Sunday 16:00 16:50 webm mp4

Ada devroom (12)

Arrival & Informal Discussions Dirk Craeynest AW1.125 Saturday 10:30 11:00
Welcome Dirk Craeynest AW1.125 Saturday 11:00 11:05 webm mp4
An Introduction to Ada for Beginning and Experienced Programmers Jean-Pierre Rosen AW1.125 Saturday 11:05 11:50 webm mp4
Making the Ada_Drivers_Library: Embedded Programming with Ada Fabien Chouteau AW1.125 Saturday 12:00 12:50 webm mp4
Shared Memory Parallelism in Ada: Load Balancing by Work Stealing Jan Verschelde AW1.125 Saturday 13:00 13:20 webm mp4
Ada, or How to Enforce Safety Rules at Compile Time Jean-Pierre Rosen AW1.125 Saturday 13:30 13:50 webm mp4
Contract-based Programming: a Route to Finding Bugs Earlier Jacob Sparre Andersen AW1.125 Saturday 14:00 14:50 webm mp4
SPARK Language: Historical Perspective & FOSS Development Yannick Moy AW1.125 Saturday 15:00 15:50 webm mp4
Writing REST APIs with OpenAPI and Swagger Ada Stephane Carrez AW1.125 Saturday 16:00 16:50 webm mp4
Browser-as-GUI and Web Applications with Gnoga Jeffrey R. Carter AW1.125 Saturday 17:00 17:50 webm mp4
Easy Ada Tooling with Libadalang Raphaël Amiard, Pierre-Marie De Rodat AW1.125 Saturday 18:00 18:20 webm mp4
Informal Discussions & Closing Dirk Craeynest AW1.125 Saturday 18:30 19:00

BSD devroom (11)

The FreeBSD Foundation and How We Are Changing the World Deb Goodkin K.3.401 Saturday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
NetBSD and Mercurial
The challenges of a long history
Jörg Sonnenberger K.3.401 Saturday 11:05 11:50 webm mp4
BSD from scratch - from source to OS with ease on NetBSD Sevan Janiyan K.3.401 Saturday 11:55 12:30 webm mp4
pot: another container framework based on jails and ZFS
A personal/educational project to run containers with the power of FreeBSD
Luca Pizzamiglio K.3.401 Saturday 12:35 13:25 webm mp4
CBSD, Isolation manager
How to manage jails, bhyve VMs and Xen via CBSD, while keeping it all simple
Goran Mekić K.3.401 Saturday 13:30 14:20 webm mp4
pkgsrc on ChromeOS Benny Siegert K.3.401 Saturday 14:25 14:55 webm mp4
OpenBSD base system maintenance made easy
Antoine Jacoutot K.3.401 Saturday 15:00 15:30 webm mp4
OpenBSD as house alarm system
Openbsd is not only good for network related projects
Vincent Delft K.3.401 Saturday 15:35 16:20 webm mp4
ZFS: Advanced Integration
Server, Laptop, Embedded, or Appliance -- ZFS is the Answer
Allan Jude K.3.401 Saturday 16:25 17:10 webm mp4
Configuring build base on FreeBSD
Making things easy for the user
RoberFern K.3.401 Saturday 17:15 18:00 webm mp4
Reflections on Teaching a Unix Class With FreeBSD
Lessons learned on both sides
Benedict Reuschling K.3.401 Saturday 18:05 18:50 webm mp4

CAD and Open Hardware devroom (16)

FOSS/H EDA tools for SPICE modeling Guilherme Brondani Torri K.4.201 Saturday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
Gnucap, and analog and mixed signal simulation Al Davis K.4.201 Saturday 11:00 11:55 webm mp4
Tutorial: my first FPGA design
Basic course to create a simple FPGA design using OSS tools
Tristan Gingold K.4.201 Saturday 12:00 12:25 webm mp4
Graphic design tools for Open Source FPGAs
Learn about the Apio and Icestudio projects
Jesús Arroyo Torrens K.4.201 Saturday 12:30 12:55 webm mp4
Funny digital electronics with Open Source FPGAs Juan Gonzalez-Gomez (Obijuan) K.4.201 Saturday 13:00 13:25 webm mp4
The open source EDA tool chain for the Chips4Makers project
Is an ASIC made with fully open source tool chain possible ? Is it affordable ?
Staf Verhaegen K.4.201 Saturday 13:30 13:55 webm mp4
Automated system partitioning based on hypergraphs for 3D stacked integrated circuits Quentin Delhaye K.4.201 Saturday 14:00 14:25 webm mp4
KiCad Version 5 New Feature Demo Wayne Stambaugh K.4.201 Saturday 14:30 14:55 webm mp4
Designing PCBs with code
Designing circuits with code instead of CAD
Kaspar Emanuel K.4.201 Saturday 15:00 15:25 webm mp4
horizon - a new star on the EDA sky Lukas Kramer K.4.201 Saturday 15:30 15:55 webm mp4
Introduction to LibrePCB
A new, powerful and intuitive EDA tool for everyone
Urban Bruhin K.4.201 Saturday 16:00 16:25 webm mp4
Proposal for an open and democratic Design Rule format
A missing piece in the open source EDA world
Patrick Franken K.4.201 Saturday 16:30 16:55 webm mp4
Developing an Open Source Hardware Laptop with KiCAD
Using FOSS tools for designing an OSHW laptop
Tsvetan Usunov K.4.201 Saturday 17:00 17:25 webm mp4
Component Sourcing for Design and Manufacturing in Shenzhen
An augmentation of Bunnie Huang's "Guide to Shenzhen": what you should know and how you should have designed the PCB and selected the components.... BEFORE making the trip to Shenzhen
Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton K.4.201 Saturday 17:30 17:45 webm mp4
An Open Platform for Collecting data for OpenSeaMap
The Proposed Platform Comprises Open Soft- & Hardware
Ulrich Langenbach K.4.201 Saturday 17:50 18:15 webm mp4
Wikilab, architecture & CNC
Collaborative architecture and construction with FreeCAD
Yorik van Havre K.4.201 Saturday 18:20 19:00 webm mp4

Community devroom (18)

Community DevRoom Welcoming Remarks Laura Czajkowski, Leslie Hawthorn K.4.601 Saturday 10:30 10:45
Italy: the most hacker-friendly country?
Developers Italia, what happens when a nation goes Open
Riccardo Iaconelli K.4.601 Saturday 10:50 11:15 webm mp4
Media 101 for Communities Brian Proffitt K.4.601 Saturday 11:20 11:45 webm mp4
Software Philanthropy for Everyone
Engaging corporate philanthropy in free and open source software
Kevin P. Fleming K.4.601 Saturday 11:50 12:15 webm mp4
Your Open Source Community Metrics Should be Tracking More than Code Jeremy Garcia K.4.601 Saturday 12:20 12:45 webm mp4
Community Karoke Laura Czajkowski, Leslie Hawthorn K.4.601 Saturday 12:50 13:25
Passing the Baton: Succession planning for FOSS leadership VM (Vicky) Brasseur K.4.601 Saturday 13:25 13:50 webm mp4
What community can learn from marketing
Community isn't marketing but there are things that developer community organisers can learn from marketing.
Matthew Revell K.4.601 Saturday 13:55 14:20 webm mp4
You’ve Got Some Explaining to Do! So Use An FAQ! Simon Phipps, Rich Sands K.4.601 Saturday 14:25 14:50 webm mp4
Technical Writing for Non-Writers Tanja Roth K.4.601 Saturday 14:55 15:20 webm mp4
A Bug in Your Ear
Patching the People Side
Deb Nicholson K.4.601 Saturday 15:25 15:50 webm mp4
XWiki: a case study on managing corporate and community interests
14 years of Open Source in a Small Co.
Ludovic Dubost K.4.601 Saturday 15:55 16:20 webm mp4
Moby Project and Docker Inc — Balancing community and corporate needs Amir Chaudhry K.4.601 Saturday 16:30 16:55 webm mp4
Asynchronous Decision Making - why and how
How Asynchronous Decision Making works and why it's essential
Bertrand Delacretaz K.4.601 Saturday 17:00 17:25 webm mp4
Analyzing developers network in a community David Moreno K.4.601 Saturday 17:30 17:55 webm mp4
Cooperative Communities
Do we really have to set up a new community for every cause?
Regina Sipos K.4.601 Saturday 18:00 18:25 webm mp4
Why People Don't Contribute To Your Open Source Project Mike McQuaid K.4.601 Saturday 18:25 18:50 webm mp4
Community DevRoom Concluding Remarks Laura Czajkowski, Leslie Hawthorn K.4.601 Saturday 18:55 19:00

Config Management devroom (11)

Next Generation Config Mgmt: Reactive Systems James Shubin UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 09:00 09:50 webm mp4
Provisioning vs Configuration Management Deployment vs Orchestration
A rose by any other name...
Peter Souter UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 10:00 10:50
A decade of config surgery with Augeas David Lutterkort UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 11:00 11:25 webm mp4
Cockpit: A Linux Sysadmin Session in your Browser Stef Walter UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 11:30 11:55 webm mp4
Terraform is maturing
problems we've seen in puppet and their solutions
Walter Heck UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 12:00 12:25 webm mp4
Breaking with conventional Configuration File Editing
Puppet with a Key/Value API in a User Study
Markus Raab UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 12:30 12:55 webm mp4
Painless Puppet Providers David Schmitt UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 13:00 13:25 webm mp4
Cumin: Flexible and Reliable Automation for the Fleet
Real life examples from the Wikimedia Foundation
Riccardo Coccioli UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 13:30 13:55 webm mp4
Highly Available Foreman
A presentation about Highly Available Foreman including common pitfalls and decisions you'll have to make.
Sean O'Keeffe UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 14:00 14:50 webm mp4
Network Automation Journey
A systems engineer NetOps perspective
Walid Shaari UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 15:00 15:50 webm mp4
Zero Downtime Deployment with Ansible Stein Inge Morisbak UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 16:00 16:50 webm mp4

Containers devroom (18)

Introduction to the containers devroom
Stéphane Graber UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 09:00 09:05 webm mp4
The State of Containers in Scientific Computing Georg Rath UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 09:10 09:30 webm mp4
Automated Linux Containers deployment for fun and profit.
How we deploy system containers for our developers development environments.
David Negreira UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 09:35 09:55 webm mp4
You want a Clean Desktop OS? Containerize it Sanja Bonic UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 10:00 10:25 webm mp4
Making Linux Security Modules available to Containers
Stacking and Namespacing the LSM
John Johansen UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
How to build and run OCI containers
A shallow dive on the OCI container configuration and an overview of the available tools
Spyros Trigazis UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 11:05 11:25 webm mp4
State of the rkt container runtime and its Kubernetes integration
A look at the progress of rkt and rktlet, the Kubernetes CRI implementation of rkt
Iago Lopez Galeiras UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 11:30 11:50 webm mp4
Turning physical systems into containers
Migrating to system containers
Stéphane Graber UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 11:55 12:05 webm mp4
File access-control per container with Landlock Mickaël Salaün UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 12:10 12:50 webm mp4
Introduction to LXD clustering
Multi-node deployments with one big virtual LXD
Free Ekanayaka UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 12:55 13:15 webm mp4
containerd 1.0 Project Update
the how, why, brief history of containerd, and its use today as a core container runtime
Phil Estes UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 13:20 13:40 webm mp4
LTTng: The road to container awareness
Kernel and userspace tracing in a containerized world
Michael Jeanson UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 13:45 14:05 webm mp4
Kubernetes Security Best Practices Ian Lewis UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 14:10 14:35 webm mp4
Forwarding system calls to userspace
Using Seccomp to intercept system calls and forwarding them to a handler in userspace
Tycho Andersen UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 14:40 15:00 webm mp4
Exploring container image distribution with casync
Experiments with the Content-Addressable Data Synchronization Tool
Alban Crequy UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 15:05 15:25 webm mp4
Optimized container live-migration
Incremental live-migration of LXD system containers with CRIU
Christian Brauner, Adrian Reber UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 15:30 15:50 webm mp4
Everything you need to know about containers security
Linux Containers and Docker security solutions
José Manuel Ortega UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 15:55 16:20 webm mp4
Containing container memory
Snapshots and live migration with CRIU
Mike Rapoport UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 16:25 16:45 webm mp4

Debugging tools devroom (12)

CANCELLED Simulating Multilevel Caches in Cachegrind
Modelling L2 and L3 CPU caches separately in Cachegrind for both x86 and ARM architectures for performance profiling of Isambard HPC system
Matthew Coles AW1.121 Saturday 10:30 10:55
Valgrind register allocator overhaul Ivo Raisr AW1.121 Saturday 11:00 11:25 webm mp4
Valgrind's Memcheck tool vs Optimising Compilers
Keeping the false positive rate under control
Julian Seward AW1.121 Saturday 11:30 12:10 webm mp4
gdb tools: duel and @PrettyPrinter Sergei Golubchik AW1.121 Saturday 12:20 13:00 webm mp4
Debug your build by tracing and reversing
stracing your build from sources to binaries
Philippe Ombredanne AW1.121 Saturday 13:05 13:45 webm mp4
strace: new features Dmitry Levin AW1.121 Saturday 13:50 14:15 webm mp4
Debugging realtime application with Ftrace Pierre Ficheux AW1.121 Saturday 14:25 14:50 webm mp4
DTrace for Linux Tomáš Jedlička AW1.121 Saturday 14:55 15:35 webm mp4
AMENDMENT DWARF Pieces And Other DWARF Location Woes Andreas Arnez AW1.121 Saturday 15:40 16:20 webm mp4
DWARF5 and GNU extensions
New ways to go from binary to source
Mark Wielaard AW1.121 Saturday 16:30 17:10 webm mp4
Rust versus DWARF versus LLVM Tom Tromey AW1.121 Saturday 17:15 17:55 webm mp4
Infinity Gary Benson AW1.121 Saturday 18:00 18:40 webm mp4

Decentralised Internet and Privacy devroom (17)

Introduction to the decentralized internet part Tristan Nitot H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 09:00 09:15 webm mp4
Can we measure the (de)centralisedness of the Internet with RIPE Atlas? Emile Aben H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 09:15 09:30 webm mp4
Get your decentralized project some EU funding
EU calls free software developers for "Future Hyper-connected Sociality"
hellekin (how) H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 09:30 10:00 webm mp4
Urban places as nodes of a decentralized Internet
The MAZI toolkit and the platform
Panayotis Antoniadis H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 10:00 10:30 webm mp4
The Generic Data Distribution System of the Retroshare Network
An attempt to solve the problem of perfectly decentralized data distribution
Cyril Soler H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
Ring as a free universal distributed communication platform.
The state of the project in 2018.
Sébastien Blin H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 11:00 11:30 webm mp4
Building Decentralised Communities with Matrix
Introducing Matrix Communities (and more!) as a decentralised alternative to Slack Teams or Discord Servers
Matthew Hodgson H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 11:30 12:00 webm mp4
The emPeerTube strikes back
Let's decentralize YouTube !
Luc Didry (Framasky) H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 12:00 12:30 webm mp4
De-google-ifying is not enough
Christophe Lafon-Roudier (Pouhiou) H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 12:30 13:00 webm mp4
Peeling onions: understanding and using the Tor network Silvia Puglisi (Hiro) H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 13:00 13:25 webm mp4
Anonymous Whistleblowing with SecureDrop Jennifer Helsby (redshiftzero) H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 13:30 13:55 webm mp4
The Invisible Internet Project
An overview and guide to the technology
Andrew Savchenko (bircoph) H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 14:00 14:25 webm mp4
Encrypted communication for mere mortals
superheroes welcome, too
kwadronaut H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 14:30 14:55
Improving the SecureDrop system architecture
Good useability in a high security environment
Eric Hartsuyker (heartsucker) H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 15:00 15:25 webm mp4
Measuring security and privacy on the Web
The idea and use of
Tobias Mueller H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 15:30 15:55 webm mp4
Encrypted collaborative editing without trusting the server
Caleb James DeLisle H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 16:00 16:25 webm mp4
Servers can't be trusted, and thanks to tamper-proof journals EteSync doesn't need to! Tom Hacohen H.1301 (Cornil) Sunday 16:30 16:55 webm mp4

Distributions devroom (10)

Managing build infrastructure of a Debian derivative Andrew Shadura K.3.201 Sunday 09:00 09:25 webm mp4
GRUB upstream and distros cooperation Daniel Kiper K.3.201 Sunday 09:30 09:55 webm mp4
Distributions are not democracies
and that's okay
Richard Brown K.3.201 Sunday 10:00 10:55 webm mp4
Developing Enterprise and Community distributions at the same time, impossible ?
openSUSE / SUSE example: Tumbleweed / Leap and SLE
Frederic Crozat K.3.201 Sunday 11:00 11:55 webm mp4
Introducing BuildStream
A distribution agnostic build tool
Tristan Van Berkom K.3.201 Sunday 12:00 12:50 webm mp4
Flatpak and your distribution Simon McVittie K.3.201 Sunday 13:00 13:25 webm mp4
Unix? Windows? Gentoo!
POSIX? Win32? Native Portability to the max!
Michael Haubenwallner K.3.201 Sunday 13:30 14:25 webm mp4
Distributing OS Images with casync Lennart Poettering K.3.201 Sunday 14:30 15:25 webm mp4
The half rolling repository model
The golden intersection for desktop users?
Neofytos Kolokotronis K.3.201 Sunday 16:30 16:45 webm mp4
A different approach on logging in
Marcel Hollerbach K.3.201 Sunday 16:50 17:00 webm mp4

DNS devroom (9)

Comprehensive tool for DNS validation
Sandoche Balakrichenan AW1.121 Sunday 09:00 09:20 webm mp4
Repairing DNS at TLD scale
DNS health in .CZ
Petr Černohouz AW1.121 Sunday 09:25 09:45 webm mp4
BIND 9 Past, Present, and Future
The future is scary. But you can't just run back to the past because it's familiar.
Ondřej Surý AW1.121 Sunday 09:50 10:10 webm mp4
Blame (and) DNS: debugging tutorial
Find out who, where, and how broke your DNS.
Petr Špaček AW1.121 Sunday 10:15 10:45 webm mp4
Living on the Edge
Greatly needed stub resolver capabilities for applications and systems with the getdns library
Willem Toorop AW1.121 Sunday 10:50 11:10 webm mp4
DNSSEC for higher performace
How aggressive use of DNSSEC-validated cache boosts DNS performace.
Petr Špaček AW1.121 Sunday 11:15 11:30 webm mp4
Melting the Snow
Using Active DNS Measurements to Detect Snowshoe Spam Domains
Olivier van der Toorn AW1.121 Sunday 11:35 12:00 webm mp4
DNS privacy, where are we?
A general examination of the current state of the DNS privacy project
Stéphane Bortzmeyer AW1.121 Sunday 12:05 12:35 webm mp4
DNS-based discovery for OpenID Connect
Taking Single-Sign-On to the next level
Marcos Sanz Grossón AW1.121 Sunday 12:40 12:55 webm mp4

Embedded, mobile and automotive devroom (23)

The free toolchain for the STM8
Getting into first place when non-free tools had years of head start.
Philipp Klaus Krause UD2.218A Saturday 11:00 11:30 webm mp4
Building RT Linux distribution with Yocto Pierre Ficheux UD2.218A Saturday 11:30 12:00 webm mp4
How to keep your embedded Linux up and running?
Paint Your L[inux|awn] Green
Krzysztof Opasiak UD2.218A Saturday 12:00 13:00 webm mp4
Automating Your Lights with Open Source
Combining Open Source Hardware with Free and Open Source Software
Leon Anavi UD2.218A Saturday 13:00 13:30
Qt in Automotive
What does the Qt Automotive Suite do?
Johan Thelin UD2.218A Saturday 13:30 14:00 webm mp4
Android Real Life experience in Production
How an application developer can survive in the chaotic Android ecosystem
Teodoro Vadalà, Alberto Panizzo UD2.218A Saturday 14:00 14:30 webm mp4
Componolit - a component-based open-source platform for trustworthy mobile devices
Deprivileging the Google software stack.
Alexander Senier UD2.218A Saturday 14:30 15:00 webm mp4
Logging IoT
Know what your IoT devices are doing
Peter Czanik UD2.218A Saturday 15:00 15:30 webm mp4
Piece of cake - testing remote embedded devices made easy
using open-hardware MuxPi
Paweł Wieczorek UD2.218A Saturday 15:30 16:00 webm mp4
Industrialisation of applications build in embedded environment
How to build AGL (Automotive Grade Linux) applications with Jenkins pipeline and X(cross) Development System (XDS)?
Frederic Marec UD2.218A Saturday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
Facing the Challenges of Updating Complex Systems
Putting it all together
Enrico Jörns UD2.218A Saturday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4
Multitasking on Cortex-M class MCUs
A deep-dive into the Chromium-EC OS
Moritz Fischer UD2.218A Saturday 17:00 18:00 webm mp4
The Chromium project's Way to Wayland Maksim Sisov UD2.218A Saturday 18:00 18:30 webm mp4
GStreamer for tiny devices
Making GStreamer small
Olivier Crête UD2.218A Saturday 18:30 19:00 webm mp4
Introduction to web development in C++ with Wt 4
A server-side web framework written in C++
Roel Standaert UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 10:00 10:30 webm mp4
How to build autonomous robot for less than 2K€
Build a robot doing Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping cheaply
Miika Oja (PuluMan) UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
Drive your NAND within Linux
Forget the word "nightmare"
Miquèl Raynal UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 11:00 12:00 webm mp4
O’PAVES: An open platform for autonomous vehicle tinkerers Fabien Chouteau UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 12:00 12:30 webm mp4
Rapid SPI Device Driver Development over USB Stefan Schmidt UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 12:30 13:00 webm mp4
Implementing state-of-the-art U-Boot port, 2018 edition
How to port U-Boot to a new system using best practices.
Marek Vasut UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 13:00 14:00 webm mp4
Image capture on embedded linux systems Jacopo Mondi UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 14:00 15:00 webm mp4
ARM64 + FPGA and more: Linux on the Xilinx ZynqMP
Opportunities and challenges from a powerful and complex chip
Luca Ceresoli UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 15:00 16:00 webm mp4
New GPIO interface for linux user space
GPIO character device API and libgpiod
Bartosz Golaszewski UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 16:00 16:50 webm mp4

Free Java devroom (17)

Welcome! Mario Torre, Andrew Haley UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 10:25 10:30
The State of OpenJDK Mark Reinhold UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 10:30 11:15 webm mp4
The OpenJDK Developer Experience Roman Kennke, Erik Helin UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 11:20 11:45 webm mp4
AMENDMENT JVM Futures John Rose UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 11:50 12:15 webm mp4
The Z Garbage Collector - An Introduction Per Liden, Stefan Karlsson UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 12:20 12:45
Rubber 'Duke' Debugging Mahmoud Abdelghany UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 12:50 13:15 webm mp4
MethodHandles Everywhere! Charles Nutter UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 13:20 13:45 webm mp4
Top Ten Metrics for Evaluating your Garbage Collector Christine H Flood UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 13:50 14:15 webm mp4
Graal: How to use the new JVM JIT compiler in real life Christian Thalinger UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 14:20 14:45 webm mp4
JVM startup: why it matters to the new world order Daniel Heidinga UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 14:50 15:15 webm mp4
Class Metadata: A User Guide Andrew Dinn UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 15:20 15:45 webm mp4
Java in a World of Containers Mikael Vidstedt UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 15:50 16:15 webm mp4
Class Data Sharing
Sharing Economy in the HotSpot VM
Volker Simonis UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 16:20 16:45 webm mp4
Hairy Security
the many threats to a Java web app
Romain Pelisse, Damien Plard UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 16:50 17:15 webm mp4
Hacking the JVM from Java Tobias Lindaaker UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 17:20 17:45 webm mp4
G1 - Not^H^H^HNever Done! Thomas Schatzl UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 17:50 18:15 webm mp4
OpenJDK Governing Board Q&A Mark Reinhold, Mario Torre, Andrew Haley, Georges Saab, Doug Lea, John Duimovich UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 18:20 19:00 webm mp4

Geospatial devroom (17)

Intro Geospatial devroom Johan Van de Wauw AW1.126 Sunday 09:00 09:05 webm mp4
Join the FREEWAT family
FREEWAT (FREE and open source software tools for WATer resource management)
Pieter Jan Haest AW1.126 Sunday 09:05 09:30 webm mp4
Bicycle-sharing stations: profiling and availability prediction Raphaël Delhome AW1.126 Sunday 09:30 10:00 webm mp4
Pronto Raster: A C++ library for Map Algebra Alex Hagen-Zanker AW1.126 Sunday 10:00 10:30 webm mp4
GDAL Tips and Tricks
GDAL installation, Python usage, and Cloud GeoTIFFs
Jeremy Mayeres AW1.126 Sunday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
GRASS GIS in the sky
GRASS GIS as high-performance remote sensing toolbox
Markus Neteler, Moritz Lennert, Markus Metz AW1.126 Sunday 11:00 11:30 webm mp4
GeoPandas: easy, fast and scalable geospatial analysis in Python Joris Van den Bossche AW1.126 Sunday 11:30 12:00 webm mp4
Open source Big Geospatial Data analytics Marc Vloemans AW1.126 Sunday 12:00 12:30 webm mp4
Spatial Support in MySQL 8.0 Norvald H. Ryeng AW1.126 Sunday 12:30 13:00 webm mp4
Distance computation in Boost.Geometry Vissarion Fysikopoulos AW1.126 Sunday 13:00 13:30 webm mp4
Building Rock Climbing Maps with OpenStreetMap Viet Nguyen AW1.126 Sunday 13:30 14:00 webm mp4
Building OSM based web app from scratch
How to find the way through the open source jungle
Nils Vierus AW1.126 Sunday 14:00 14:30 webm mp4
Privacy aware city navigation with CityZen app
The free open source app that let's you explore your city and contribute to OSM
Redon Skikuli AW1.126 Sunday 14:30 15:00 webm mp4
Every subway network in the world Ilya Zverev AW1.126 Sunday 15:00 15:30 webm mp4
Rendering map data with Mapnik and Python Hartmut Holzgraefe AW1.126 Sunday 15:30 16:00 webm mp4
Efficient and interactive 3D point cloud processing
Combining the strengths of pdal, ipyvolume and jupyter
Mathieu Carette AW1.126 Sunday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
AMENDMENT Mapping FOSDEM for accessibility Johan Van de Wauw AW1.126 Sunday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4

Go devroom (16)

The State of Go
What's new in Go 1.10
Francesc Campoy H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
Advanced Go debugging with Delve Derek Parker H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 11:00 11:30 webm mp4
Networking deepdive
From net.Dial to gRPC
Michael Hausenblas H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 11:30 12:00 webm mp4
Testing and Automation in the Era of Containers
(with Go)
Verónica López H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 12:00 12:30 webm mp4
Upspin and a future of the Internet
My vision of Rob Pike's Upspin as a basis for a decentralized Internet
Gildas Chabot H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 12:30 13:00 webm mp4
Dep Deep Dive! Sam Boyer H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 13:00 13:30 webm mp4
Networking Swiss Army Knife for Go Roman Mohr H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 13:30 14:00 webm mp4
The case for interface{}
When and how to use empty interface
Sam Whited H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 14:00 14:30 webm mp4
Google’s approach to distributed systems observability for Go Jaana Dogan (JBD) H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 14:30 15:00 webm mp4
Creating GopherJS Apps with gRPC-Web Johan Brandhorst H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 15:00 15:30 webm mp4
Building and testing a distributed data store in Go Matt Bostock H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 15:30 16:00 webm mp4
Computer Vision Using Go And OpenCV Ron Evans H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
Make your Go go faster!
Optimising performance through reducing memory allocations
Bryan Boreham H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4
Distributing DevOps tools using GoLang and Containers, for Fun and Profit! Lucy Davinhart H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 17:00 17:30 webm mp4
AMENDMENT DNA sequencing performance in Go, C++, and Java Pascal Costanza H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 17:30 18:00 webm mp4
Go Lightning Talks
Come speak!
Francesc Campoy, Maartje Eyskens H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 18:00 19:00 webm mp4

Graphics devroom (13)

Graphics Performance Analysis with FrameRetrace
A Responsive UI for ApiTrace
Mark Janes K.4.401 Saturday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
Intel GFX CI and IGT
Motivation, what services we provide, and how do we integrate with development?
Martin Peres, Arek Hiler K.4.401 Saturday 11:00 11:50 webm mp4
ARB_gl_spirv: bringing SPIR-V to Mesa OpenGL
Bringing SPIR-V to Mesa OpenGL
Alejandro Piñeiro K.4.401 Saturday 11:55 12:45 webm mp4
A pixel format guide to the galaxy
A tool for interpreting pixel format definitions
Alexandros Frantzis K.4.401 Saturday 12:50 13:15 webm mp4
Status Update
Martin Peres, Pierre Moreau, Karol Herbst K.4.401 Saturday 13:20 13:45 webm mp4
Mir 2018
The state of Mir
Alan Griffiths K.4.401 Saturday 13:50 14:40
Generic Graphics Tablets in Linux
Hardware peculiarities, software challenges, and how to make them work
Nikolai Kondrashov K.4.401 Saturday 14:50 15:40 webm mp4
Kodi and Embedded Linux
Moving Towards Common Windowing and Video Acceleration
Lukas Rusak K.4.401 Saturday 15:45 16:35 webm mp4
The AMD Linux graphics stack, 2018 edition Nicolai Hähnle K.4.401 Saturday 16:40 17:05 webm mp4
Shaders in radeonsi
an update on dynamic linking and NIR
Nicolai Hähnle K.4.401 Saturday 17:05 17:30 webm mp4
Kernel Graphics Development on Remote Machines
Accessing machines remotely with Open Source tools
Joonas Lahtinen K.4.401 Saturday 17:35 18:00 webm mp4
Wayland client basics
How to natively speak Wayland in your application, from the bottom up
Philipp Kerling K.4.401 Saturday 18:05 18:30 webm mp4
A Journey through Upstream Atomic KMS to achieve DP compliance
Black Screens and how to prevent them from upsetting Linux Users
Manasi Navare K.4.401 Saturday 18:35 19:00 webm mp4

Graph Processing devroom (10)

Cypher: An evolving query language for property graphs
A discussion of new extensions to Cypher
Stefan Plantikow H.2214 Saturday 10:30 11:05 webm mp4
Cypher for Apache Spark Martin Junghanns, Max Kießling H.2214 Saturday 11:15 11:50 webm mp4
The Computer Science behind a modern distributed data store Michael Hackstein H.2214 Saturday 12:00 12:35 webm mp4
Analzying Blockchain transactions in Apache Spark Jiří Kremser H.2214 Saturday 12:45 13:20 webm mp4
G-CORE: The LDBC Graph Query Language Proposal Hannes Voigt H.2214 Saturday 13:30 14:05 webm mp4
Efficient Graph Algorithms in Neo4j Michael Hunger H.2214 Saturday 14:15 14:50 webm mp4
Handling Billions Of Edges in a Graph Database Michael Hackstein H.2214 Saturday 15:00 15:35 webm mp4
It's a Trie... it's a Graph... it's a Traph!
Designing an on-file multi-level graph index for the Hyphe web crawler
Guillaume Plique H.2214 Saturday 15:45 16:20 webm mp4
Graph-based analysis of JavaScript source code repositories Gabor Szarnyas H.2214 Saturday 16:30 17:05 webm mp4
Etienne Saliez - A look at “Natural Intelligence”
IMMM Interactive Medical Mind Maps
Michael Hunger H.2214 Saturday 17:15 17:30 webm mp4

Hardware Enablement devroom (16)

Programming UEFI for dummies
What I have learned while tweaking FreePascal to output UEFI binaries
Olivier Coursière K.4.401 Sunday 09:30 10:00 webm mp4
Rustarm AKA A project looking at Rust for Embedded Systems
Rust on embedded platforms
Benedict Gaster (cuberoo_) K.4.401 Sunday 10:00 10:30 webm mp4
Mainline Linux on Motorola Droid 4 Sebastian Reichel K.4.401 Sunday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
... like real computers!
Making distributions work on single board computers
Andre Przywara K.4.401 Sunday 11:00 11:30 webm mp4
Booting it successfully for the first time with mainline Enric Balletbo Serra K.4.401 Sunday 11:30 12:00 webm mp4
AMENDMENT LinuxBoot: Linux as Firmware
Replace most of your firmware with Linux
Philipp Deppenwiese K.4.401 Sunday 12:00 12:30 webm mp4
What's new with FPGA manager
Overview and Updates
Moritz Fischer K.4.401 Sunday 12:30 13:00 webm mp4
Linux as an SPI Slave
Adding SPI slave support to Linux
Geert Uytterhoeven K.4.401 Sunday 13:00 13:40 webm mp4
Gnuk Token and GnuPG scdaemon Yutaka Niibe K.4.401 Sunday 13:40 14:00 webm mp4
Improving Linux Laptop Battery Life
Reducing Linux Power Consumption
Hans de Goede K.4.401 Sunday 14:00 14:30 webm mp4
Adding support for a mouse in libratbag Thomas H. P. Andersen K.4.401 Sunday 14:30 15:00 webm mp4
Thunderbolt 3 and Linux Christian Kellner (gicmo) K.4.401 Sunday 15:00 15:20 webm mp4
Open Source BIOS at Scale
We gave it a try, it worked. You can jump in!
Julien Viard de Galbert K.4.401 Sunday 15:20 15:40 webm mp4
Automating Secure Boot testing Erico Nunes K.4.401 Sunday 15:40 16:00 webm mp4
Using KVM to sandbox firmwares from the Linux Kernel
or: How I learned to stop worrying and love EFI Runtime Services
Florent Revest K.4.401 Sunday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
Crowdsupply EOMA68 Progress Report
A summary of the past year working on fulfilling the pledges from the EOMA68 August 2016 Crowdsupply Campaign
Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton K.4.401 Sunday 16:30 16:50 webm mp4

HPC, Big Data, and Data Science devroom (19)

Installing software for scientists on a multi-user HPC system
A comparison between conda, EasyBuild, Guix, Nix & Spack
Kenneth Hoste H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 09:00 09:25 webm mp4
Binary packaging for HPC with Spack Todd Gamblin H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 09:30 09:55 webm mp4
Tying software deployment to scientific workflows
Using Guix to make software deployment a first-class citizen
Ludovic Courtès H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 10:00 10:25 webm mp4
Combining CVMFS, Nix, Lmod, and EasyBuild at Compute Canada Bart Oldeman H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
Behind the scenes of a FOSS-powered HPC cluster at UCLouvain
Ansible or Salt? Ansible AND Salt!
Damien François H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 11:00 11:25 webm mp4
How DeepLearning can help to improve geospatial DataQuality , an OSM use case. Olivier Courtin H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 11:30 11:55 webm mp4
Modules v4
Pushing forward user environment management
Xavier Delaruelle H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 12:00 12:10 webm mp4
Scale Out and Conquer: Architectural Decisions Behind Distributed In-Memory Systems Akmal Chaudhri H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 12:10 12:20 webm mp4
The Magnificent Modular Mahout
An extensible library for distributed math and HPC
Trevor Grant H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 12:20 12:30 webm mp4
Tools for large-scale collection and analysis of source code repositories
Open source Git repository collection pipeline
Alexander Bezzubov H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 12:30 12:40 webm mp4
Slurm in Action: Batch Processing for the 21st Century Georg Rath H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 12:40 12:50 webm mp4
The Julia programming language
A look at arrays and Trilinos integration
Bart Janssens H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 13:00 13:25 webm mp4
Does data security rule out high performance?
Is it possible to maintain the anonymity of people contributing their data while not hindering ambitious science?
Adam Huffman H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 13:30 13:55 webm mp4
CrateDB: A Search Engine or a Database? Both!
How We Built a SQL database on top of Elasticsearch and Lucene
Maximilian Michels H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 14:00 14:25 webm mp4
Scaling Deep Learning to hundreds of GPUs on HopsHadoop Fabio Buso H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 14:30 14:55 webm mp4
AI on Microcontrollers
uTensor brings Deep-Learning to MCUs
Neil Tan H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 15:00 15:25 webm mp4
Productionizing Spark ML Pipelines with the Portable Format for Analytics Nick Pentreath H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 15:30 15:55 webm mp4
Accelerating Big Data Outside of the JVM
Adventures with Apache Arrow, Spark, BEAM, Flink, and friends
Holden Karau H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 16:00 16:25 webm mp4
Nexmark A unified benchmarking suite for data-intensive systems with Apache Beam Ismaël Mejía H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 16:30 16:55 webm mp4

Identity and Access Management devroom (14)

Migrating to Red Hat IdM in a large Linux Environment Dustin Minnich UD2.119 Saturday 10:30 11:10 webm mp4
Æ-DIR -- Authorized Entities Directory
from paranoid user management to secure system management
Michael Ströder UD2.119 Saturday 11:15 11:45 webm mp4
freeIPA installation using Ansible
Description and examples of freeIPA client and server installations using ansible-freeipa.
Thomas Woerner UD2.119 Saturday 11:50 12:20 webm mp4
Easily Secure Your Front and Back End app with Keycloak Sébastien Blanc UD2.119 Saturday 12:25 12:55 webm mp4
Identity governance and data protection with midPoint Radovan Semancik, Katarina Valalikova UD2.119 Saturday 13:00 13:30 webm mp4
Implementing a safe and auditable access to customer instances of your SaaS for the support staff with HashiCorp Vault Thomas Gerbet UD2.119 Saturday 13:35 14:05 webm mp4
SaMBa-AD, it works
stories of battles fought and won
Vincent Cardon UD2.119 Saturday 14:10 14:50 webm mp4
Samba AD in Fedora
The long road to AD
Andreas Schneider UD2.119 Saturday 14:55 15:25 webm mp4
Samba authentication and authorization
Introduction to Active Directory Auth protocols and winbind as an AD member
Volker Lendecke UD2.119 Saturday 15:30 16:05 webm mp4
Using Cryptographic Hardware Bruce Momjian UD2.119 Saturday 16:10 16:40 webm mp4
Smart Cards in Linux and why you should care
Do you want to know how Smart Cards can help you improve security and work efficiently?
Jakub Jelen UD2.119 Saturday 16:45 17:15
SSSD: From an LDAP client to the System Security Services Daemon Jakub Hrozek UD2.119 Saturday 17:20 17:50 webm mp4
User Session Recording in Cockpit
Introducing User Session Recording support in Cockpit - a server management Web UI
Nikolai Kondrashov UD2.119 Saturday 17:55 18:25 webm mp4
Fleet Commander: The efficient way of managing the Desktop profiles of your fleet!
A brief description of the project and its internals!
Fabiano Fidêncio, Oliver Gutiérrez UD2.119 Saturday 18:30 19:00 webm mp4

Internet of Things devroom (12)

IoT DevRoom Opening
Overview of the day
AW1.125 Sunday 09:30 09:45 webm mp4
Turning On the Lights with Home Assistant and MQTT Leon Anavi AW1.125 Sunday 09:50 10:15 webm mp4
Accessing your Mbed device from anywhere using Pagekite
How to create a Mbed library for Pagekite
Bert Outtier AW1.125 Sunday 10:25 10:50 webm mp4
Home automation - Not as simple as you think Steven Goodwin AW1.125 Sunday 11:05 11:30 webm mp4
Mirai and Computer Vision
Security and function of connected webcams
Michael Schloh von Bennewitz AW1.125 Sunday 11:45 12:10 webm mp4
The IoT botnet wars, Linux devices, and the absence of basic security hardening GregDiStefano AW1.125 Sunday 12:25 12:50 webm mp4
A Guided Tour of Eclipse IoT: 3 Software Stacks for IoT Benjamin Cabé AW1.125 Sunday 13:05 13:30 webm mp4
A lightweight RTOS platform for low-end IoT devices
Philippe Coval AW1.125 Sunday 13:45 14:10 webm mp4
FOSS Platform for Cloud Based IoT Solutions
Eclipse-IOT FOSS Platform for Cloud IoT
Steffen Evers AW1.125 Sunday 14:25 14:50 webm mp4
IoT.js - A JavaScript platform for the Internet of Things Ziran Sun AW1.125 Sunday 15:05 15:30 webm mp4
CANCELLED The dark side of Internet of things
Privacy and security concerns related to IoT
Dipesh Monga AW1.125 Sunday 15:45 16:10
OSS-7: an opensource DASH7 stack
When active RFID meets IoT and how to use DASH7 to build flexible IoT solutions
Glenn Ergeerts AW1.125 Sunday 16:25 16:50 webm mp4

Legal and Policy Issues devroom (17)

Welcome to the Legal and Policy Issues devroom Tom Marble UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 09:00 09:05 webm mp4
Capture the GDPR with Identity management
Crafting Identity management tool to handle GDPR requirements
Juraj Benculak UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 09:05 09:30 webm mp4
Artificial intelligence dealing with the right to be forgotten Cristina Rosu UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 09:30 09:55 webm mp4
Understanding 26 U.S.C. § 501, and Organizational Governance
... and why understanding all this matters outside the U.S.
James Shubin UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 10:00 10:25 webm mp4
Researchers and Software Licenses
The story of what we are doing at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) to prevent licensing disasters
Andreas Schreiber UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
Comparative Law of Licenses and Contracts in the US, UK and EU Pamela Chestek, Andrew Katz, Michaela MacDonald UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 11:00 11:25 webm mp4
Advocating For FOSS Inside Companies Richard Fontana, Carol Smith, Jilayne Lovejoy, Max Sills UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 11:30 11:55 webm mp4
A Usability Survey of Free Software Licenses Brett Smith UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 12:00 12:25
Outsourcing Source Code Distribution Requirements Stefano Zacchiroli, Alexios Zavras UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 12:30 12:55 webm mp4
Too young to rock'n'roll (and to contribute)
Issues with minors (children) contributing to FOSS projects
Dominik George, Niels Hradek UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 13:00 13:25 webm mp4
Harmonize or Resist?
A Global Survey of Strategies for Freedom and Free Software
Deb Nicholson UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 13:30 13:55
People can't care when they don't know
Improving how major sites communicate licensing information
John Sullivan UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 14:00 14:25 webm mp4
Public money, public code, the Italian way
Hacking Italian Administrations to get to the code (in a legal way)
Giovanni Battista Gallus, Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 14:30 14:55 webm mp4
What's the difference between all those open data licenses? Marc Jones UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 15:00 15:25
The Future of Copyleft: Data and Theory Luis Villa UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 15:30 15:55 webm mp4
Gutenberg to Google Fonts: the sordid history of typeface licensing issues
Legal issues for projects working with open fonts
Nathan Willis UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 16:00 16:25 webm mp4
Organizer's Panel Tom Marble, Bradley M. Kuhn, Karen Sandler, Richard Fontana UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 16:30 16:55 webm mp4

LLVM Toolchain devroom (12)

Introduction to LLVM
Building simple program analysis tools and instrumentation
Mike Shah K.3.401 Sunday 09:00 10:30 webm mp4
Connecting LLVM with a WCET tool Rick Veens K.3.401 Sunday 10:35 11:05 webm mp4
Compiler-assisted Security Enhancement Paolo Savini K.3.401 Sunday 11:20 12:00 webm mp4
CANCELLED Efficient use of memory by reducing size of AST dumps in cross file analysis by clang static analyzer
Memory reduction in CTU analysis
Siddharth Shankar Swain K.3.401 Sunday 12:05 12:45
LLVM, Rust, and Debugging Tom Tromey K.3.401 Sunday 12:50 13:30 webm mp4
Heterogeneous Computing with D
Using the PTX and SPIR-V targets with a system programming language
Kai Nacke K.3.401 Sunday 13:35 14:15 webm mp4
LLVM @RaincodeLabs
Current and future uses of LLVM in Raincode Labs products
Johan Fabry K.3.401 Sunday 14:20 15:00 webm mp4
How to cross-compile with LLVM based tools Peter Smith K.3.401 Sunday 15:05 15:45 webm mp4
Easy::jit: just-in-time compilation for C++ Juan Manuel Martinez Caamaño K.3.401 Sunday 15:50 15:55 webm mp4
Literate Programming meets LLVM Passes Serge Guelton (serge-sans-paille) K.3.401 Sunday 16:00 16:05 webm mp4
Foreign Function Interface and JIT using Clang/LLVM
Adrien Guinet K.3.401 Sunday 16:10 16:15 webm mp4
A unique processor architecture meeting LLVM IR and the IoT Dávid Juhász K.3.401 Sunday 16:20 17:00 webm mp4

Microkernels devroom (11)

Everything is a device!
Lessons learned from experimenting with MH
Gianluca Guida AW1.126 Saturday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
GPU resource multiplexing in component based systems Sebastian Sumpf AW1.126 Saturday 11:05 11:35 webm mp4
Hurd's PCI arbiter Samuel Thibault AW1.126 Saturday 11:45 12:15 webm mp4
Live sculpting a Genode-based operating system Norman Feske AW1.126 Saturday 12:25 13:25 webm mp4
Microkernels in the Era of Data-Centric Computing Martin Děcký AW1.126 Saturday 13:35 14:20 webm mp4
Reducing CPU usage of a Toro Appliance Matias Vara AW1.126 Saturday 14:30 15:00 webm mp4
Rust On L4Re
Safe Language Meets Safe Microkernel
Sebastian Humenda AW1.126 Saturday 15:10 15:45 webm mp4
AMENDMENT Lightning talks AW1.126 Saturday 15:55 16:25 webm mp4
Towards capabilities in HelenOS
The elephant in the room
Jakub Jermář AW1.126 Saturday 16:35 17:20 webm mp4
User-level networking on Genode Martin Stein AW1.126 Saturday 17:30 18:15 webm mp4
Why hardware and operating system engineers need to talk Matthias Lange AW1.126 Saturday 18:20 19:00 webm mp4

Monitoring and Cloud devroom (16)

Declarative Extensions for Kubernetes in Go Roman Mohr UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting Methodologies for Databases Peter Zaitsev UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 11:10 11:40 webm mp4
Monitoring Legacy Java Applications with Prometheus Fabian Stäber UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 11:50 12:20 webm mp4
Google’s approach to distributed systems observability for Go Jaana Dogan (JBD) UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 12:30 13:00 webm mp4
Observability: not just an Ops thing Christine Yen UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 13:10 13:40 webm mp4
The LTTng approaches to solving complex problems Julien Desfossez UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 13:50 14:20 webm mp4
The RED Method: How To Instrument Your Services. Tom Wilkie UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 14:30 15:00 webm mp4
Evolving Prometheus for the Cloud Native World Brian Brazil UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 15:10 15:40 webm mp4
Graphite at Scale at Criteo: BigGraphite
Bye bye whisper !
Corentin Chary UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 15:50 16:20 webm mp4
GrayLog for Java developers José Manuel Ortega UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4
Grafana Tips & Tricks & Whats New in v5 Torkel Ödegaard UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 17:10 17:40 webm mp4
OpenMetrics - an industry standard for metrics
Standing on the shoulders of titans
Richard Hartmann UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 17:50 18:00 webm mp4
Beyond string-based logging
Structured logging with Serilog
Thibaud Desodt UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 18:00 18:05 webm mp4
What's new in Graphite 1.1 Denys Zhdanov UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 18:10 18:15 webm mp4
oVirt Metrics and logs - in a unified solution Shirly Radco UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 18:20 18:25 webm mp4
Grafanalib - Dashboards as Code Bryan Boreham UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 18:30 18:35 webm mp4

Mozilla devroom (16)

Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS)
How Mozilla is helping open source projects like yours
Gerv Markham UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
Creating Inclusive Teams in Tech
Skills that could transform your teams
Gloria Dwomoh UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 11:00 11:30
WebExtensions API status after Firefox 57 Daniele Scasciafratte UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 11:30 12:00 webm mp4
A tour with Firefox' developer tools Julien Wajsberg, Nicolas Chevobbe UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 12:00 13:00 webm mp4
Tomorrow's JavaScript Debugger
How to shape your own JS debugger in 2018
Amit Zur UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 13:00 13:30 webm mp4
Making a browser fast
The story of Firefox Quantum
Jean-Yves Perrier UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 13:30 14:00 webm mp4
Firefox: How to ship quality software
8000 new patches, a release every 6 weeks, how Mozilla does it?
Sylvestre Ledru UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 14:00 14:30 webm mp4
Photon Performance
How We Made Firefox Faster
Florian Quèze UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 14:30 15:00 webm mp4
The future of the internet from a Mozilla perspective
Brought to you by Mozilla's executive chairwoman
Mitchell Baker UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 15:00 15:30 webm mp4
Making the web faster with the JavaScript Binary AST David Teller UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 15:30 16:00 webm mp4
The MDN Browser Compat Data Project Florian Scholz UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
Beyond the screen
WebXR: when immersive content enters the Web
Fabien Benetou (Utopiah) UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4
Mozilla's DeepSpeech and Common Voice projects
Open and offline-capable voice recognition for everyone
Tilman Kamp UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 17:00 17:30 webm mp4
Moving from policy to action:
Learning to live by our Community Participation Guidelines
Larissa Shapiro UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 17:30 18:00 webm mp4
The current EU copyright reform proposal: the end of FLOSS in Europe? Giannis Konstantinidis, Gerv Markham UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 18:00 18:30 webm mp4
a futures market for software bugs and tasks, on the blockchain
Don Marti UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 18:30 19:00 webm mp4

MySQL and Friends devroom (16)

The MySQL Ecosystem - understanding it, not running away from it! Colin Charles H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 09:10 09:35 webm mp4
Beyond WHERE and GROUP BY Sergei Golubchik H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 09:40 10:05 webm mp4
MySQL 8.0 Performance: InnoDB Re-Design Dimitri Kravtchuk H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 10:10 10:35 webm mp4
MySQL 8.0 Roles
Giving direction to MySQL privilege system
Giuseppe Maxia H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 10:40 11:05 webm mp4
Histogram support in MySQL 8.0 Øystein Grøvlen H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 11:10 11:35 webm mp4
Let's talk database optimizers Vicentiu Ciorbaru H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 11:40 12:05 webm mp4
TLS for MySQL at large scale Jaime Crespo H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 12:10 12:35 webm mp4
MySQL InnoDB Cluster
MySQL HA Made Easy!
Miguel Araújo H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 12:40 13:05 webm mp4
AMENDMENT Why We’re excited about MySQL 8 Peter Zaitsev H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 13:10 13:30 webm mp4
MySQL Test Framework for Support and Bugs Work Sveta Smirnova H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 13:40 14:05 webm mp4
AMENDMENT ProxySQL - GTID Consistent Reads
Adaptive query routing based on GTID tracking
René Cannaò H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 14:10 14:35 webm mp4
Turbocharging MySQL with Vitess Sugu Sougoumarane H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 14:40 15:05 webm mp4
Orchestrator on Raft: internals, benefits and considerations Shlomi Noach H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 15:10 15:35 webm mp4
MyRocks roadmaps and production deployment at Facebook Yoshinori Matsunobu H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 15:40 16:05 webm mp4
ProxySQL's internal: implementation details to handle millions of connections and thousands of servers René Cannaò H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 16:10 16:35
MySQL Point-in-time recovery like a rockstar!
Accelerate MySQL point-in-time recovery for large workload
Frédéric Descamps H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 16:35 17:00

Open Document Editors devroom (22)

Status of the Apache ODF Toolkit (incubating) Svante Schubert AW1.120 Saturday 10:30 10:50 webm mp4
Working in the ODF TC Regina Henschel AW1.120 Saturday 10:50 11:10 webm mp4
Improvements around document signatures and encryption
Signing and encrypting with OpenPGP, adding signature lines
Samuel Mehrbrodt AW1.120 Saturday 11:10 11:40 webm mp4
Documentation convergence project for LibreOffice
Make just one documentation for all
Olivier Hallot AW1.120 Saturday 11:40 12:00 webm mp4
Anatomy of the OpenOffice localization process
And how to improve it in future
Andrea Pescetti AW1.120 Saturday 12:00 12:20 webm mp4
Antipatterns in OpenOffice Code
How can we ensure better Code
Peter Kovacs AW1.120 Saturday 12:20 12:50 webm mp4
LibreOffice Base applications: how to document them, how to manage and analyze impacts of changes
Jean-Pierre Ledure AW1.120 Saturday 12:50 13:10 webm mp4
Accessibility 101 (not only) for LibreOffice developers Thorsten Behrens, Katarina Behrens AW1.120 Saturday 13:30 13:50 webm mp4
Maintaining accessibility through testing? Samuel Thibault AW1.120 Saturday 13:50 14:10 webm mp4
Maximizing UX for Customizing
Improving user experience and accessibility of LibreOffice's Customize dialog
Muhammet Kara AW1.120 Saturday 14:10 14:30 webm mp4
Proposal for better font handling in LibreOffice Heiko Tietze AW1.120 Saturday 14:30 14:50 webm mp4
Native GTK3 UI
progress from gtk3 themed vcl widgets to native gtk widgets
Caolán McNamara AW1.120 Saturday 14:50 15:10 webm mp4
LO URI 101 Stephan Bergmann AW1.120 Saturday 15:10 15:40 webm mp4
Hidden Gems in Draw/Impress Part 2
Functionalities you didn‘t even know that you might need or did exist
Armin Le Grand AW1.120 Saturday 15:40 16:00 webm mp4
Calc: The challenges of scalable arithmetic
how threading can be challenging
Michael Meeks AW1.120 Saturday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
EPUB export in LibreOffice Writer Miklos Vajna AW1.120 Saturday 16:30 16:50 webm mp4
Dialog tunneling in LibreOffice Online Jan Holesovsky AW1.120 Saturday 16:50 17:10 webm mp4
LibreOffice for Haiku
Port status
Kacper Kasper AW1.120 Saturday 17:10 17:30 webm mp4
Good things come to those who wait - BorderFrames and WriterGraphics
Armin will hold this talk
Thorsten Behrens AW1.120 Saturday 17:30 17:50 webm mp4
LibreOffice QA - One Year Overview
What have happened between FOSDEM17 and FOSDEM18
Xisco Fauli AW1.120 Saturday 17:50 18:10 webm mp4
LibreOffice's automatic updater work
A progress report
Markus Mohrhard AW1.120 Saturday 18:10 18:30 webm mp4
Lightning talk session
Come and tell us your most recent hack - in 5 mins!
Thorsten Behrens AW1.120 Saturday 18:30 19:00 webm mp4

Open Media devroom (16)

video - It's a lot more than just a HTML5 tag
Things to consider when building a video enabled site
Jess Portnoy H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 10:30 10:55
Rendering of subtitles in HTML5 with imscJS Andreas Tai H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 11:30 11:55 webm mp4
An update on VLC and the VideoLAN community
VLC 4.0, VLC.js, VLC-VR?
Jean-Baptiste Kempf H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 12:00 12:25 webm mp4
Kodi v18 features and improvements
What we've been busy with
Martijn Kaijser H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 12:30 12:55 webm mp4
What's new in GStreamer? Tim-Philipp Müller H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 13:00 13:25 webm mp4
Update on GStreamer for Embedded Devices Olivier Crête H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 13:30 13:55 webm mp4
Modern tools to debug GStreamer applications Guillaume Desmottes H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 14:00 14:25 webm mp4
What's new in Upipe Rafaël Carré H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 14:30 14:55 webm mp4
GPAC: Support for High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) Ahmed Rida Sekkat H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 15:00 15:25 webm mp4
Matroska Low-Latency streaming
Why Matroska is (always) Better
Steve Lhomme H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 15:30 15:55 webm mp4
Compress your DPX and revert without losing any metadata
Jérôme Martinez H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 16:00 16:25 webm mp4
Current meta of video compression and probable futures
...or how to hammer things until they work better
Rostislav Pehlivanov H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 16:30 16:55 webm mp4
AV1 Codec Update Tim Terriberry H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 17:00 17:25 webm mp4
The UoC Radio Station Project
Technical overview of an FM radio station based on open source and DIY
George Kiagiadakis H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 17:30 17:55 webm mp4
FFmpeg - The Media Swiss Army Knife
Manipulate Media from the comfort of your shell
Jess Portnoy H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 18:00 18:30
AMENDMENT Handling media - the RESTful approach
How we integrated media content in textual API
Johnathan Amit-Kanarek H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 18:30 18:55 webm mp4

Open Source Design devroom (15)

Welcome & Chatting Victoria Bondarchuk K.4.201 Sunday 09:30 09:50 webm mp4
CANCELLED Usability made simple
Behind every useful software stands a usable software
Renata Gegaj K.4.201 Sunday 10:00 10:20
A crash course on remote, moderated usability testing Sarah O'Donnell K.4.201 Sunday 10:30 10:50 webm mp4
So we have free web fonts; now what?
Open-source fonts dominate the web, but not print or embedded publishing. Why not?
Nathan Willis K.4.201 Sunday 11:00 11:20 webm mp4
Self-host your visual assets with Free Software
Introducing Identihub
Elio Qoshi K.4.201 Sunday 11:30 11:50 webm mp4
Our Open Source Design collective
and group photo
Jan-Christoph Borchardt K.4.201 Sunday 12:00 12:20 webm mp4
Improving GitLab's Navigation and Design System
How we approached and strengthened our commitment to the revised navigation of GitLab and the GitLab Design System.
Dimitrie Hoekstra K.4.201 Sunday 12:30 12:50 webm mp4
Cultural interpretations of Design and Openness Carol Chen K.4.201 Sunday 13:00 13:20 webm mp4
Ecosystems of Professional Libre Graphics Use ginger coons K.4.201 Sunday 13:30 13:50 webm mp4
Icon Themes
Reusable icon variables and mappings for customizable user interfaces
Ecaterina Moraru K.4.201 Sunday 14:00 14:20 webm mp4
Interface Animation from the Future Tobias Bernard K.4.201 Sunday 14:30 14:50 webm mp4
The case against "It just works" or how to avoid #idiocracy
Design, education, politics and fake news.
Michael Demetriou K.4.201 Sunday 15:00 15:20 webm mp4
The Open Decision Framework
How to make everybody happy
Damien Clochard K.4.201 Sunday 15:30 15:50 webm mp4
Teleport: Local filesharing app Julian Sparber K.4.201 Sunday 16:00 16:20 webm mp4
Pitch your project
Present your FOSS project to designers and get them to contribute
Belen Barros Pena K.4.201 Sunday 16:30 16:50 webm mp4

Package Management devroom (13)

Pulp 3 - Simpler, Better, More awesome Dennis Kliban K.3.201 Saturday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
Packaging C/C++ libraries with Conan Théo Delrieu K.3.201 Saturday 11:00 11:30 webm mp4
The package bazaars and the cathedrals
Compare and contrast distro and app package and dependency management practices and tools
Philippe Ombredanne K.3.201 Saturday 11:30 12:00 webm mp4
Open Build Service in Debian
It is impressive how much time and resources a team can save
Andrew Lee K.3.201 Saturday 12:00 12:30 webm mp4
Introduction to Flatpak Simon McVittie K.3.201 Saturday 12:30 13:00 webm mp4
Package quality assurance Dolganov Sergey K.3.201 Saturday 13:00 13:30 webm mp4
How compilers affect dependency resolution in Spack Todd Gamblin K.3.201 Saturday 13:30 14:00 webm mp4
Package management over Tor Alexander Nasonov K.3.201 Saturday 14:00 14:25 webm mp4
The many ways of using Guix packages
A guide to which ways might suit you
Christopher Baines K.3.201 Saturday 14:30 15:00 webm mp4
Package Management Unites Us All Sam Boyer K.3.201 Saturday 15:00 16:00 webm mp4
Meet purl: a "mostly" universal software package URL that purrs.
Or how to indentify & locate software packages reliably across tools, DBs, APIs and languages with an expressive and simple package URL.
Philippe Ombredanne K.3.201 Saturday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
How To Make Package Managers Cry Kenneth Hoste K.3.201 Saturday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4
Package Management Panel Discussion
Future of Package Management
Mike McQuaid, Philippe Ombredanne, Sam Boyer, Todd Gamblin K.3.201 Saturday 17:00 18:00 webm mp4

Perl Programming Languages devroom (13)

Welcome to the Perl devroom Claudio Ramirez, Wendy G.A. van Dijk K.4.601 Sunday 09:35 09:40 webm mp4
How Carton, Docker, and CircleCI Saved my Sanity
Or how I stopped using RPMs and learned to love Docker
Dylan Hardison K.4.601 Sunday 09:40 10:20 webm mp4
4 Perl web services I wrote and that you may like Luc Didry (Framasky) K.4.601 Sunday 10:20 11:00 webm mp4
Perl in the Physics Lab Andreas K. Huettel K.4.601 Sunday 11:00 11:40 webm mp4
Testing for testing
Using CI in the classroom
Juan Julián Merelo K.4.601 Sunday 11:40 12:20 webm mp4
Perl in Computer Music Uri Bruck K.4.601 Sunday 12:20 13:00 webm mp4
Template toolkit translations Mark Overmeer K.4.601 Sunday 13:00 13:20 webm mp4
Releasing to CPAN and GitHub Mark Overmeer K.4.601 Sunday 13:20 13:40 webm mp4
AMENDMENT Presenting the Sympa Mailing List Manager and the new Sympatic CPAN module Marc Chantreux K.4.601 Sunday 13:40 14:20 webm mp4
The Dynamo After Diffie
Extending Disco-Era Crypto For Ubiquitous Secure Frameworking With Integral Mathematics (with Perl6)
James Ellis Osborne III K.4.601 Sunday 14:20 15:00 webm mp4
AMENDMENT Perl 6 on Jupyter Brian Duggan K.4.601 Sunday 15:00 15:40 webm mp4
Software necromancy with Perl Dave Lambley K.4.601 Sunday 15:40 16:20 webm mp4
Recycle Parsers With Grammar::Common in Perl 6 Jeffrey Goff K.4.601 Sunday 16:20 17:00 webm mp4

PostgreSQL devroom (6)

De-mystifying contributing to PostgreSQL Lætitia Avrot H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 11:00 11:50 webm mp4
PostgreSQL -- A Crash Course Joe Conway H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 12:00 12:50 webm mp4
PostgreSQL Replication in 2018 Magnus Hagander H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 13:00 13:50 webm mp4
JITing PostgreSQL using LLVM Andres Freund H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 14:00 14:50 webm mp4
Blue elephant on-demand: Postgres + Kubernetes Oleksii Kliukin, Jan Mussler H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 15:00 15:50 webm mp4
The Fabulous Destiny of 0000000200000008000000BB Patrick Francelle H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 16:00 16:50 webm mp4

Real Time Communications devroom (20)

Build your own Skype... in the browser
A background to WebRTC
Steven Goodwin H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 09:00 09:20 webm mp4
Writing a Janus plugin in Lua
C can be a scary world, let us come to the rescue!
Lorenzo Miniero H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 09:25 09:40 webm mp4
XMPP as the road to innovation Bartłomiej Górny H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 09:45 10:05 webm mp4
Kamailio - Pick Your SIP Routing Scripting Language Daniel-Constantin Mierla H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 10:10 10:30 webm mp4
Asterisk Project: Do I see video in the future? Matthew Fredrickson H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 10:35 10:50 webm mp4
Speech-to-Text in Jitsi Meet
Is it possible to provide WebRTC meeting transcriptions? Let's find out!
Nik Vaessen H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 10:55 11:10 webm mp4 - connect community cellular networks using WebRTC and PWA
Open Source , WebRTC and Web technologies for community communication infrastructure
Stefan Sayer H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 11:15 11:35 webm mp4
Kids and Schools and Instant Messaging
Experiences with free communications among kids and in education
Dominik George, Niels Hradek, Philipp Stahl H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 11:40 12:00 webm mp4
OpenDHT: make your project distributed
Use cases, new and upcoming features
Adrien Beraud H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 12:05 12:25 webm mp4
Open communication in WebVR with Matrix!
Where meets The Matrix...
Matthew Hodgson H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 12:30 12:50 webm mp4
Scaling messaging systems
XMPP server MongooseIM and it's scalability options
Michał Piotrowski H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 12:55 13:15 webm mp4
aiosip: the efficient swiss-army knife of SIP Ludovic Gasc H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 13:20 13:40 webm mp4
Building a WebRTC gateway
Hacking with WebRTC native API
Julien Chavanton H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 13:45 14:05 webm mp4
Whisper and Swarm Protocol for RTC
Decentralised, Distributed and Deniable, Communication.
Nick (ethereumnick) H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 14:10 14:30 webm mp4
The RTP bleed and what can we do? Peter Lemenkov H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 14:35 14:55 webm mp4
Real Time Clustering with OpenSIPS
Nodes of a feather gossip together
Razvan Crainea, Liviu Chircu H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 15:00 15:15 webm mp4
Introducing the latest HOMER 7
Lorenzo Mangani H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 15:20 15:35 webm mp4
Using CGRateS as online Diameter/Radius AAA Server Dan Christian Bogos H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 15:40 15:55 webm mp4
SIP based group chat with Linphone
A discussion on how Linphone implements SIP RFCs to achieve text based group communication.
Simon Morlat H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 16:00 16:20 webm mp4
Fundraising and Crowdfunding for FreeRTC
Community discussion about fundraising
Daniel Pocock H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 16:25 16:45 webm mp4

Retrocomputing devroom (7)

Welcome to the Retrocomputing DevRoom
A new devroom, for old tech
Pau Garcia Quiles (pgquiles) AW1.121 Sunday 13:20 13:25 webm mp4
DOSEMU and FreeDOS: past, present and future Bart Oldeman AW1.121 Sunday 13:30 14:00 webm mp4
Developing software on ORIC microcomputers
OSDK, Oricutron & friends
François Revol AW1.121 Sunday 14:05 14:35 webm mp4
An open source microcontroller with retro instruction sets
Staf Verhaegen AW1.121 Sunday 14:40 15:10 webm mp4
NetBSD - A modern operating system for your retro battlestation Sevan Janiyan AW1.121 Sunday 15:15 15:45 webm mp4
Game development for the ColecoVision and Sega 8-bit systems
Developing for Z80-based video game systems using modern free tools
Philipp Klaus Krause AW1.121 Sunday 15:50 16:20 webm mp4
ZX Spectrum in the New Millenium
Upgrading ROM Cartridge to 512KB
Rui Martins AW1.121 Sunday 16:25 16:55 webm mp4

Rust devroom (16)

Why you should take a look at Rust?
Insights into a modern, safe, fast language
Antonin Carette H.2214 Sunday 09:00 09:25 webm mp4
Idiomatic Rust
Writing concise and elegant Rust code
Matthias Endler H.2214 Sunday 09:30 09:55 webm mp4
Rust memory management
A short intro
Zeeshan Ali H.2214 Sunday 10:00 10:25 webm mp4
Introducing gtk-rs
Making the unsafe safe
Guillaume Gomez H.2214 Sunday 10:35 10:55 webm mp4
GStreamer & Rust
Fast, safe and productive multimedia software
Sebastian Dröge H.2214 Sunday 11:00 11:25 webm mp4
Introducing rust-av
A pure-Rust approach to multimedia
Luca Barbato H.2214 Sunday 11:30 11:55 webm mp4
Portable graphics abstraction in Rust
Bringing Vulkan everywhere with gfx-rs
Dzmitry Malyshau, Markus Siglreithmaier H.2214 Sunday 12:00 12:25 webm mp4
Rusty robots
Programming a self-balancing robot in Rust
Jorge Aparicio Rivera H.2214 Sunday 12:30 12:55 webm mp4
TiKV - building a distributed key-value store with Rust
A transactional key-value store powered by Raft
Siddon Tang H.2214 Sunday 13:00 13:25 webm mp4
Qt GUIs with Rust
Rust Qt Binding Generator
Jos van den Oever H.2214 Sunday 13:30 13:55 webm mp4
Writing Node.js Modules in Rust
An introduction to Neon
Farid Nouri Neshat H.2214 Sunday 14:00 14:25 webm mp4
Demystifying Rust parsing
Language parsing and automatic binding generation
Nikita Baksalyar H.2214 Sunday 14:30 14:55 webm mp4
…and the journey to getting better code automatically
Pascal Hertleif H.2214 Sunday 15:00 15:25 webm mp4
Reaching const evaluation singularity
An introduction into miri and Rust's const evaluation
Oliver Schneider H.2214 Sunday 15:30 15:55 webm mp4
Rust - embedding WebAssembly for scripting
WebAssembly in non-Javascript environments
Frank Rehberger H.2214 Sunday 16:00 16:25 webm mp4
Testing in Rust
A Primer in Testing and Mocking
Donald Whyte H.2214 Sunday 16:30 16:55 webm mp4

SDN and NFV devroom (15)

The path to Data-plane micro-services
Software defined network functions are changing!
Ray Kinsella H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
OpenDaylight as a Platform for Network Programmability Charles Eckel H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 11:00 11:30 webm mp4
Ligato: a platform for development of cloud-native VNFs Jan Medved H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 11:30 12:00 webm mp4
A fast forwarding vSwitch/vRouter for OpenStack
Jerome Tollet H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 12:00 12:30 webm mp4
ONAP – A road to network automation Gervais-Martial Ngueko, Christophe Closset H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 12:30 13:00 webm mp4
NFV a' la VDE way Renzo Davoli H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 13:00 13:30 webm mp4
Integrating cloud and container projects in the OPNFV community: Cross Community CI
In this talk we will explain about the OPNFV community, and how it interacts with other communities, such as Kubernetes or OpenStack, to offer a platform for cross-project CI.
Fatih Degirmenci, Yolanda Robla Mota H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 13:30 14:00 webm mp4
Barometer: Taking the pressure off of assurance and resource contention scenarios for NFVI Emma Foley H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 14:00 14:30 webm mp4
The challenges of XDP hardware offload Quentin Monnet H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 14:30 15:00 webm mp4
Fast Packet Processing in Linux with AF_XDP Magnus Karlsson H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 15:00 15:30 webm mp4
netmdev: mediated net_device
Clean native userland access to net_devices from VPP, ODP, DPDK...
François-Frédéric Ozog H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 15:30 16:00 webm mp4
How to write your own NIC device driver (and why)
Our experience writing 10G/100G drivers for Snabb in Lua (without NDAs)
Asumu Takikawa, Luke Gorrie H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
High performance network functions with VPP Ole Trøan H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4
Virtio 1.1
What's new in the next version of the Virtio standard
Jens Freimann H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 17:00 17:30 webm mp4
SRv6 Network Programming on VPP and Linux Pablo Camarillo H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 17:30 18:00 webm mp4

Software Defined Radio devroom (16)

Intro to the SDR Devroom
..and updates from the community
Philip Balister, Martin Braun, Sylvain Munaut AW1.120 Sunday 09:00 09:15 webm mp4
Recapping DARPA's First Big Hackfest Tom Rondeau AW1.120 Sunday 09:15 09:45 webm mp4
(Yet another) passive RADAR using DVB-T receiver and SDR. Jean-Michel Friedt AW1.120 Sunday 09:45 10:15 webm mp4
In the SpOOTlight: gr-radar
Measuring EM backscatter, free and easy
Martin Braun AW1.120 Sunday 10:15 10:45 webm mp4
Efficient implementation of a spectrum scanner on a software-defined radio platform Francois Quitin AW1.120 Sunday 10:45 11:15 webm mp4
An optimized GFDM software implementation for low-latency Johannes Demel AW1.120 Sunday 11:15 11:45 webm mp4
DLR-CAFE: CUDA Filterbank Updates
Brand-New: Arbitrary Resamplers for everyone
Jan Krämer AW1.120 Sunday 11:45 12:10 webm mp4
Physics, Math, and SDR
Recognize, measure, and correct the inevitable
Derek Kozel AW1.120 Sunday 12:15 12:45 webm mp4
Stupid Pluto Tricks
Real world things you can do with a PlutoSDR
Robin Getz AW1.120 Sunday 12:45 13:05 webm mp4
The GNU Radio runtime
Reinventing a very fast wheel
Andrej Rode AW1.120 Sunday 13:15 13:45 webm mp4
C++ Code Generation with GRC Håkon Vågsether AW1.120 Sunday 13:45 14:10 webm mp4
LoRa Reverse Engineering and AES EM Side-Channel Attacks using SDR Pieter Robyns AW1.120 Sunday 14:15 15:00 webm mp4
Intro to Open Source Radio Telescopes Martin Braun, Sue Ann Heatherly AW1.120 Sunday 15:00 15:30 webm mp4
Free your Weather Station!
War Stories from hacking Weather Stations
Ray Kinsella AW1.120 Sunday 15:30 15:50 webm mp4
Claim Space, the Libre Way, using SDRs Manolis Surligas AW1.120 Sunday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
BYOR: Bring-your-own-radio hacking session
Bring your device, show us what it can do!
Martin Braun AW1.120 Sunday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4

Software Defined Storage devroom (12)

Introduction to Swift Object Storage
Understanding the architecture and use cases
Thiago da Silva H.2213 Sunday 09:00 09:40 webm mp4
Gluster-4.0 and GD2
Learn what's in Gluster's future
Kaushal M H.2213 Sunday 09:45 10:25 webm mp4
LizardFS - a year in development Michal Bielicki H.2213 Sunday 10:30 11:10 webm mp4
Geographically distributed Swift clusters Alistair Coles H.2213 Sunday 11:15 11:55 webm mp4
Container Attached Storage (CAS) with OpenEBS
A different approach to container storage
Jeffry Molanus H.2213 Sunday 12:00 12:40 webm mp4
Debugging A Live Gluster File System Using .meta Directory Rafi KC H.2213 Sunday 12:45 13:10 webm mp4
Ceph management with openATTIC Kai Wagner H.2213 Sunday 13:15 13:55 webm mp4
Developing applications with Swift as Storage System
Learn about the API features to power up your application
Christian Schwede H.2213 Sunday 14:00 14:40 webm mp4
Ceph & ELK
Use the power of the ELK stack to know more about your Ceph Cluster!
Abhishek Lekshmanan, Denis Kondratenko H.2213 Sunday 14:45 15:10 webm mp4
CephFS Gateways
Distributed Filesystem Access via NFS and Samba
David Disseldorp, Supriti Singh H.2213 Sunday 15:15 15:55 webm mp4
How to backup Ceph at scale Bartłomiej Święcki H.2213 Sunday 16:00 16:40 webm mp4
Reasons to mitigate from NFSV3 to NFSV4/4.1 Manisha Saini H.2213 Sunday 16:45 17:00 webm mp4

Source Code Analysis devroom (10)

Babelfish: a universal code parser for source code analysis Francesc Campoy UD2.119 Sunday 12:40 13:05 webm mp4
Migrating code with SmaCC John Brant UD2.119 Sunday 13:10 13:35 webm mp4
Moldable analysis with Moose Andrei Chis UD2.119 Sunday 13:40 14:05 webm mp4
Langkit: source code analyzers for the masses
Reviving the meta-compiler dream
Raphaël Amiard, Pierre-Marie De Rodat UD2.119 Sunday 14:10 14:35 webm mp4
Finding inter-procedural bugs at scale with Infer static analyzer Jules Villard UD2.119 Sunday 14:40 15:00 webm mp4
A new parsing system for programming tools
Max Brunsfeld UD2.119 Sunday 15:05 15:25 webm mp4
Parsing Posix [S]hell
Yann Regis-Gianas
Yann Regis-Gianas UD2.119 Sunday 15:30 15:50 webm mp4
JavaParser: where should we head?
How to generate, transform, analyze, refactor Java code
Federico Tomassetti UD2.119 Sunday 15:55 16:15 webm mp4
Graph-based analysis of JavaScript repositories
Incremental static analysis of JavaScript source code defined by declarative queries
Adam Lippai UD2.119 Sunday 16:20 16:40
DIY Java Static Analysis
Presenting the internals of SonarJava : a static analyzer for Java written in Java
Nicolas Peru UD2.119 Sunday 16:45 16:55 webm mp4

Testing and automation devroom (9)

A real life story about product testing with robotframework
Lessons learned testing IoT devices with robotframework.
Alex van de Schootbrugge, Windel Bouwman H.2213 Saturday 10:30 11:15 webm mp4
Piece of cake
testing remote embedded devices made easy with MuxPi
Paweł Wieczorek H.2213 Saturday 11:25 12:10 webm mp4
Advanced testing in action on a Java project
Demonstrating testing practices using Java, Maven, Docker and Jenkins.
Vincent Massol H.2213 Saturday 12:20 13:05 webm mp4
Load testing with Locust Kubilay Kahveci H.2213 Saturday 13:15 13:40 webm mp4
Simplifying the contribution process for both contributors & maintainers
A case study of the GitHub integration in EasyBuild
Kenneth Hoste H.2213 Saturday 14:10 14:55 webm mp4
Testing and Validating distributed systems
with Apache Spark and Apache Beam
Holden Karau H.2213 Saturday 15:05 15:50 webm mp4
Testing Red Hat Enterprise Linux the Microsoft way
Diving into Pairwise (a.k.a. all-pairs) test case generation techniques
Alexander Todorov H.2213 Saturday 16:00 16:45 webm mp4
Building an integration testing framework
Integration testing framework we are building to test GitLab using Docker and Kubernetes
Grzegorz Bizon H.2213 Saturday 16:55 17:30 webm mp4
A web application for managing manual system tests
Daniel Kulesz H.2213 Saturday 17:50 18:05 webm mp4

Tool the Docs devroom (7)

Automating style guide documentation
How we at Zalando Retail Dept automated our Styleguide & source code and reduced the gap for contribution
Ferit Topcu UD2.119 Sunday 09:00 09:20 webm mp4
DocBook Documentation at SUSE
Automatically Ensuring Quality of SUSE Documentation
Stefan Knorr UD2.119 Sunday 09:25 09:55 webm mp4
Test your API docs!
It's tested or it's broken
Honza Javorek UD2.119 Sunday 10:00 10:20 webm mp4
Docs like code in Drupal
Introducing Open DevPortal, an open source CMS based documentation tool
Kitti Radovics UD2.119 Sunday 10:25 10:55 webm mp4
A lion, a head, and a dash of YAML
Extending Sphinx to automate your documentation
Stephen Finucane UD2.119 Sunday 11:00 11:30 webm mp4
Mallard, Pintail, and other duck topics
topic-oriented help at the GNOME project
Shaun McCance UD2.119 Sunday 11:35 12:00 webm mp4
Finding a home for docs
How to choose the right "path" for documentation in open source projects
Jessica Parsons UD2.119 Sunday 12:05 12:30 webm mp4

Virtualization and IaaS devroom (21)

Convergence of your virtualization and container infrastructures with KubeVirt Fabian Deutsch UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 10:30 11:15
A slightly different nesting: KVM on Hyper-V Vitaly Kuznetsov UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 11:15 12:00 webm mp4
Will it blend?
Comparison of oVirt, OpenStack and Kubernetes schedulers
Martin Sivák UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 12:00 12:45 webm mp4
Securing Embedded Systems using Virtualization Lars Kurth UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 12:45 13:30 webm mp4
Unleashing the Power of Unikernels with Unikraft Simon Kuenzer UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 13:30 14:15 webm mp4
Leveraging Software Defined Network for virtualization Marcin Mirecki UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 14:15 15:00 webm mp4
Keeping It Real (Time)
Real-Time Support in OpenStack
Stephen Finucane UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 15:00 15:45 webm mp4
Distributed File Storage in Multi-Tenant Clouds using CephFS John Spray, Christian Schwede UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 15:45 16:30 webm mp4
Moving PCI emulation inside of Xen
Reasons and implementation of a PCI emulation layer inside of Xen
Roger Pau Monné UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 16:30 17:15 webm mp4
QEMU in UEFI Alexander Graf UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 17:15 18:00 webm mp4
Keys to deploy affordable virtual desktops with IsardVDI
VDI solution from scratch optimizing all components while lowering costs
Josep Maria Viñolas UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 18:00 18:45 webm mp4
Black Blocks: Kubernetes, meet OpenStack Cinder Adam Litke UD2.218A Sunday 09:00 09:45
Dragonflow - An open network services ecosystem Dima Kuznetsov UD2.218A Sunday 09:45 10:30 webm mp4
Live Block Device Operations in QEMU Kashyap Chamarthy UD2.218A Sunday 10:30 11:15 webm mp4
Kubernetes load balancing for virtual machines (Pods) Yanir Quinn UD2.218A Sunday 11:15 12:00 webm mp4
Device Assignment for VMs in Kubernetes Martin Polednik UD2.218A Sunday 12:00 12:45 webm mp4
Automate oVirt Disaster Recovery Solution With Ansible
See How Ansible Makes oVirt Recovery A Piece Of Cake
Maor Lipchuk UD2.218A Sunday 12:45 13:30 webm mp4
Vectors Meet Virtualization
challenges from our new data processing overlords
Alex Bennée UD2.218A Sunday 13:30 14:15 webm mp4
Finding your way through the QEMU parameter jungle Thomas Huth UD2.218A Sunday 14:15 15:00 webm mp4
diskimage-builder: Building Linux Images for Cloud / Virtualization / Container Andreas Florath UD2.218A Sunday 15:00 15:45 webm mp4
Openstack compliance with GDPR
25th of May 2018 s closer than you think
Vincenzo Di Somma UD2.218A Sunday 15:45 16:30

Keysigning (1)

GPG Keysigning FOSDEM Staff UD2.Corridor Sunday 14:00 16:00

BOFs (Track A - in H.3227) (3)

GNU Radio Meeting
Let's talk about the future of GNU Radio
Philip Balister H.3227 Saturday 12:00 13:00
Upipe developers meeting Christophe Massiot H.3227 Sunday 12:00 13:00
Blockchain developers meet&greet Martin Bähr H.3227 Sunday 14:00 15:00

BOFs (Track B - in H.3228) (0)

BOFs (Track C - in J1.106) (1)

RISC-V Meeting
Open discussions about RISC-V ecosystem after Palmer Dabbelt talk
David Abdurachmanov J1.106 Saturday 18:00 19:00

Global Diversity CFP Day (3)

Global Diversity CFP Day
Advance registration needed.
Mozilla TechSpeakers J1.106 Saturday 10:30 16:00
Mozilla TechSpeakers CFP-help
Drop-in session. All welcome.
Mozilla TechSpeakers J1.106 Sunday 09:00 11:30
Mozilla TechSpeakers CFP-help
Mozilla Booth drop-in session. All welcome.
Mozilla TechSpeakers K.Level.2 Sunday 14:00 16:00

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