Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Why you should take a look at Rust?

Insights into a modern, safe, fast language

Today, many new programming languages have been created in order to simplify at the extreme the art of programming (Golang), to boost the performance of their human readable application (Nim), to secure the way to make and run programs with zero-cost abstraction (Rust), or just to propose a new exiting way to write programs (Scala, Swift), etc. Each of those new programming languages has its own features, goals, attendance, and community.

Today, it may become hazardous to develop with a new programming language, especially for a company or for a full-time personal project, due to the lack of stability, libraries, IDE features for this programming language, a too small or strict community, or many other obvious reasons.

The goal of this presentation is to introduce the concepts of Rust, its pros and cons, and how Rust differs from the others programming languages. The target audience is mainly for developers who are reluctant to launch themselves into Rust, or project managers and CTOs who are looking for stable and exciting new technologies.

This talk is intended to emphasize Rust rationale, and will explain clearly and precisely why Rust wants to be the programming language of the next ten years.


Photo of Antonin Carette Antonin Carette