Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Grzegorz Bizon

Photo of Grzegorz Bizon

Software developer focusing on CI/CD area and working on Test Automation.

Grzegorz started contributing to open-source software more than 15 years ago when he discovered Debian GNU/Linux. He enjoys working on a free open-source software that people actually love using, so GitLab was an obvious choice for his next company to work at. Before joining GitLab, Grzegorz worked in a startup environment on introducing new technologies and improving software quality. Then, after a few years of exploring the corporate galaxy, he decided to move to a startup environment again. In his free time Grzegorz enjoys running in the forest and reading three books at once.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Building an integration testing framework
Integration testing framework we are building to test GitLab using Docker and Kubernetes
Saturday H.2213 Testing and automation 16:55 17:30