Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Kids and Schools and Instant Messaging

Experiences with free communications among kids and in education

We want to discuss experiences, issues, and ideas concerning the use of free/open IM services among children and in education.

Instant Messaging is the one means of communication children and adolescents use in their free-time, and gets more important in education while classmates (or even worse, teachers) create chatrooms for their classes on non-free, privacy-unaware services. Teckids e.V. is tackling this issue in Germany, and we want to share our experiences in doing so.

What makes children use IM? What do they want or need? What are the difficulties in switching to a free/open service? What tools did we try, and how do they fit in?

We also want to listen to other people's experiences, and share thoughts on what developers of tools might need to take into account in order to make existing tools ready for use by children and in education.


Photo of Dominik George Dominik George
Photo of Niels Hradek Niels Hradek
Philipp Stahl