Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Identity governance and data protection with midPoint

This talk will present new data protection and identity governance capabilities of midPoint. MidPoint is open source identity management (IDM) and identity governance (IGA) system. MidPoint has all the features of a traditional identity management system. However, this talk will focus on data protection and identity governance. We will explain what identity governance is and how it can handle the challenges of data protection legislation such as European GDPR regulation. We will show how to use midPoint to set up identity management and governance policies and how midPoint can be used to maintain them in the long run. The talk will show how to manage data protection, entitlements and security policies in one unified system and how to consistently apply that to employees, students, contractors ... and all other identities in all your systems. This talk is intended for identity administrators, security officers and all security practitioners in general.

Overall goal: Overview of midPoint as an open source identity management and governance system. Especially focused on the governance part, as that is very unique in the open source world. Demonstration how midPoint can be used for data protection (e.g. GDPR).

  • Very quick overview of midPoint - what it is, a bit of history, etc.
  • Basic demonstration of RBAC, role request process, approval and so on. Just few minutes to warm up the audience and get everybody at the same level of understanding of the IDM basics.
  • Identity governance: Explanation of how midPoint policy rules and data protection scopes work. How they can be used to set up data protection policies (such as GDPR lawful basis management). Little bit of theory. But mostly practical.
  • Short demonstration of the policy set up in midPoint. E.g. show how midPoint can report the problems with GDPR compliance.

MidPoint is a comprehensive open source IDM system. Project is running since 2011 and it is very active: Katarina Valalikova and Radovan Semancik are both core developers of midPoint.

Expected duration: 40+10min


Photo of Radovan Semancik Radovan Semancik
Photo of Katarina Valalikova Katarina Valalikova