Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


The Generic Data Distribution System of the Retroshare Network

An attempt to solve the problem of perfectly decentralized data distribution

Because of their static topology and limited connectivity friend to friend networks represent a challenge in the distribution of data. We present GXS: a generic data distribution system suitable for friend-to-friend networks, that is in the heart of the Retroshare software. The presentation will start with a short overview of the Retroshare software. We will then cover the technical aspects of GXS, its architecture and concepts, and will describe a few existing decentralized services based on this system. Finally, a call to developers will be made, based on a generic example, while proposing multiple ideas of distributed services to be developped on top of it.

The detailed plan for the presentation will be the following. Each line indicates the approximate cumulated time duration and number of slides. The presentation is tuned to approximately 20 mins.

A - overview of the Retroshare platform B - the GXS system

    - overview of the system and data distribution paradigm
    - technical description: services, groups, messages, circles.
    - spam control
    - file transfer

C - open problems and call for contributions

    - step by step example of creating a service
    - ideas of GXS services

D - conclusion+contacts (1 min, 1 slide)


Cyril Soler