Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Italy: the most hacker-friendly country?

Developers Italia, what happens when a nation goes Open

The Digital Transformation Team was born to build the "operating system" of the Italy, a series of fundamental components on top of which they can build simpler and more efficient services for the citizens, the Public Administration and businesses, through innovative digital products. Among the critical infrastructures, there's the way software is developed. Italy is betting hard on open practices, by not only opening the source code of the country, but also turning citizens and hackers into first-class participants of the digital transformation, giving them the power to develop and maintain software which impacts their daily life.

To sustain this switch, the Team is building hackerspaces throughout the country, to increase awareness of open practices, and is turning all developers paid with public money into open source contributors. After this talk, you will know how to "hack your government", how to participate in this change (even if you are not Italian!) and how we are working to spread this idea throughout all of Europe.


Photo of Riccardo Iaconelli Riccardo Iaconelli