Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Debugging A Live Gluster File System Using .meta Directory

Meta is a client side xlator which provide an interface similar to the Linux procfs, for GlusterFS runtime and configuration. The contents are provided using a virtual hidden directory called .meta which is inside the root of GlusterFS mount.

.meta is an efficient way to extract information from a live running mount process with out using gdb , systemtap or any such tools. This doesn't require any prior knowledge about any tools, the information's are given as directory / file tree structure. So for a users this is the most simplest way to start looking to complicated problems and developers can get information with out disturbing the cluster.

I will be covering the following topics * What is .meta layer and current state of meta layer, * Information's that can be fetched through .meta directory * Debugging with .meta directory (for both developers and users) * How to debug graph related issues * latency and mallinfo * Fop history and fuse history using meta * Current running frames or pending frames * Enhancement planned for meta layer * Other troubleshooting options like statedump,io-stat, etc


Photo of Rafi KC Rafi KC