Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Moby Project and Docker Inc — Balancing community and corporate needs

Many open source projects are backed by commercial entities and this can lead to complications between the needs of the community and those of the corporations. This can be especially tricky for fast-growing projects where there are competing voices, pull-requests, and directions — all growing exponentially.

Docker, Inc. is one such example that created the very popular open-source 'docker engine'. To help meet the needs of both commercial and open-source constituents, Docker announced in April 2017 that the open source work would happen under the banner of the Moby Project.

This talk looks at the the different needs that drive an open source project and a product-based corporation. I'll cover what the Moby Project is and how it relates to Docker's commercial products and I'll highlight some of the experiences we had during and after the transition.

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Photo of Amir Chaudhry Amir Chaudhry