Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Automated Linux Containers deployment for fun and profit.

How we deploy system containers for our developers development environments.

How we use LXD, Puppet, Jenkins, Bash and PyLXD to create system containers for our developers development environments in Emesa.

For the past year we have been migrating all of our production servers running on bare-metal to system containers based on LXC/LXD as well as our production application from CentOS to Ubuntu. Although we are already using containers for most of our systems, our production environment is still not quite there yet. We have decided to start already the process of automating the deployment of our development environment, moving from a single shared development environment to a multitude of system containers, where developers have root access to their own containers making use of the flexibility, simplicity and security features provided by LXC and LXD.

In this presentation I will explain how we are using Jenkins/Bash/PyLXD for developers to create containers with a single click via Jenkins to a cluster of LXD servers and Puppet/Hiera/Bash to provision the containers after they are launched successfully in the LXD cluster. If time allows it I will also show a quick demo of a container being created on our development environment.


David Negreira