Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Idiomatic Rust

Writing concise and elegant Rust code

Rust is a big language and it gets bigger every day. Many beginners ask: "What is idiomatic Rust?". This talk will highlight simple tips to make your Rust code more elegant and concise, and introduce you to my peer-reviewed collection of articles/talks/repos for writing idiomatic Rust code.

Coming from dynamic languages like Python, JavaScript or Ruby, many Rust beginners are missing some guidelines on how to write elegant and concise Rust code. For this purpose, I started a project called "Idiomatic Rust", which is a peer-reviewed collection of articles/talks/repos which teach the essence of good Rust.

In this talk I will introduce the project and show you some quick tips on how to make your Rust code more idiomatic. I will cover error handling (e.g. Option to Result conversions, the failure crate), efficiently working with (built-in) traits, and some more.


Matthias Endler