Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


An Open Platform for Collecting data for OpenSeaMap

The Proposed Platform Comprises Open Soft- & Hardware

The OpenSeaMap project is part of the OpenStreetMap project family and aims at leveraging crowd sourced information for leisure captains. As it targets a sepcific user and application group it also relies on additional data on top of traditionally used positional data. This presentation is about an effort to create a hard- and software platform capable of collecting the needed data for the OpenSeaMap project. We share early results yield with a prototype implementation of the proposed platform.

This presentation focusses on the hardware part of a platform prototype used for collecting data on a ship of a participant of the crowd sourced OpenSeaMap project. In combination with the software running on the proposed hardware platform and additional software parts running on the host of an participant and the server side software of the OpenSeaMap project the data is collected, processed, rendered and provided for download and use by the leisure boat captains. The platform is based on a RaspBerry PI and a HAT as well as a professional depth ranger. The project aims at developing a dedicated HAT for the purpose of OpenSeaMap data collection.

However, the current state of development, namely a productively used prototype and the plans for the next steps as well as some early results are shared with the audience. Further ideas and recommendations for improvements and next steps are very welcome.


Ulrich Langenbach