Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


ARB_gl_spirv: bringing SPIR-V to Mesa OpenGL

Bringing SPIR-V to Mesa OpenGL

arbglspirv: bringing SPIR-V to Mesa OpenGL

Since OpenGL 2.0, released more than 10 years ago, OpenGL has been using OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) as a shading language. When Khronos published the first release of Vulkan, almost 2 years ago, shaders used a binary format, called SPIR-V, originally developed for use with OpenCL.

That means that the two major public 3D graphics API were using different shading languages, making porting from one to the other more complicated. Since then there were efforts to allow making this easier.

On July 2016, the extension ARBglspirv was approved by Khronos, that allows a SPIR-V module to be specified as containing a programmable shader stage, rather than using GLSL, whatever the source language was used to create the SPIR-V module. This extension is now part of OpenGL 4.6 core, making it mandatory for any driver that wants to support this version.

This talk introduces the extension, what advantages provides, and explain how it was implemented for the Mesa driver.


Alejandro Pi├▒eiro