Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018



GNU/Linux Disaster Recovery, the open source way

Disaster Recovery is a commonly ignored topic, only considered when something serious happen. Then, usually, is too late to react efficiently. The consequences? generally money loss and reputation, sometimes is also the beginning of the end for a company.

This short session will show you, how easy is to use ReaR and DRLM, two open source projects that, together, provide a great and flexible solution for Disaster Recovery, system migrations and OS deployments.

The whole session is a live demo, showing how easy is to:

  • Install ReaR and all of it's requirements on a system from DRLM.
  • Take a DR backup of that system using DRLM.
  • Break the system.
  • Recover from the disaster using DRLM.

All this in just few minutes!

During the session, conducted by Didac Oliveira, co-founder and maintainer of DRLM project, the attendees will see how easy is to have an open source DR solution for their GNU/Linux systems.

Questions and doubts will be answered during the session and/or at the end of it.

Note that this replaces "Integration of Bikeshare Information into an Open-source Transportation App Google Summer of Code 2017" by Rodrigo Carvalho who is no longer able to attend the event.


Photo of Didac Oliveira Didac Oliveira