Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


MySQL InnoDB Cluster

MySQL HA Made Easy!

MySQL InnoDB Cluster provides a built-in High Availability solution for MySQL. It tightly integrates MySQL Server, Group Replication, MySQL Router and MySQL Shell providing an easy-to-use full stack solution for HA.

MySQL Shell main goal is to provide a natural interface for all 'DevOps' tasks related to MySQL, by supporting scripting with development and administration APIs. To allow an easy and straightforward configuration and administration of InnoDB Clusters, the Shell provides a scriptable API - the AdminAPI. This API hides the complexity associated with configuring, provisioning and managing everything without sacrificing power, flexibility or security.

Join this session to understand the key points of MySQL InnoDB Cluster and to learn how to use the Shell and the AdminAPI to configure and manage InnoDB Clusters.


Photo of Miguel Araújo Miguel Araújo