Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Fleet Commander: The efficient way of managing the Desktop profiles of your fleet!

A brief description of the project and its internals!

This talk will go through what Fleet Commander is (and, consequently, what Fleet Commander is not intended for), which are the solutions proposed by the project, how Fleet Commander interacts with SSSD and freeIPA and, plans for the future and finally provide a Demo of the current state of the project.

The talk will be divided basically in 4 parts:

1) Describing what Fleet Commander is (and what it's not intended for): Fleet Commander is an integrated solution for large Linux desktop deployments that provides a configuration management interface that is controlled centrally and that covers desktop, applications and network configuration. Last but not least, Neither Ansible nor Puppet could solve the core problems of Desktop Session Configuration Management, which is what drove the Fleet Commander development.

2) Describing Fleet Commander interaction with freeIPA and SSSD: Fleet Commander relies on freeIPA, which provides a standalone plugin for desktop profile management, to store the profile data and its assignments to users, groups and hosts from the administrator point-of-view. From the client point-of-view, Fleet Commander relies on SSSD to fetch the the profile data at users' login time and notify Fleet Commander whenever new profiles have to be applied.

3) A short Demo about the current status of the project: This will be the first time that Fleet Commander project will be Demo'ed after the freeIPA/SSSD integration.

4) Plans for the future: A quick discussion about what are the plans for the future, including a way to manage profile data in case of direct integration between Linux clients and Active Directory servers (GPO is the key here!)


Fabiano Fidêncio
Oliver Gutiérrez