Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Open communication in WebVR with Matrix!

Where meets The Matrix...

VR/AR has a huge problem: there isn't any standard way to communicate with other people. This talk will demo how Matrix can be used as an open signalling layer for establishing WebRTC voice, video and 3D video calls in WebVR on anything from a Cardboard to a Vive: providing a decentralised communication ecosystem to build an open metaverse!

One of the most fun areas has worked on this year has been adding interoperable WebRTC calling to WebVR using matrix-js-sdk, A-Frame and the latest WebVR browser support and hardware (Cardboard, Rift & Vive). Rather than communication in WebVR being fragmented into different silos and websites, we hope that Matrix will provide an open decentralised ecosystem to power communication within a decentralised metaverse of WebVR environments. We'd like to show off our demo of full-mesh end-to-end encrypted videoconferencing in WebVR, as well as interoperability with the rest of the Matrix ecosystem. Finally, we're hoping to demonstrate some of our work in transmitting 3D camera depth-buffer and mesh data over WebRTC media & datachannels in order to bring 3D video calling in VR to life!


Photo of Matthew Hodgson Matthew Hodgson