Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Developing applications with Swift as Storage System

Learn about the API features to power up your application

Swift comes with a wide variety of API features to build extremely scaleable and durable applications. It uses an RESTful API, making it easy to use and embed in your own applications. One of the great characteristics of (web) applications using Swift as a backend is the separation between application logic and data path. This helps a lot to write lightweight apps in a scaleable way.

During this talk we'll give you an overview about the included features, how to use them and examples how implementations might look like. An example web application walktrough & demo will showcase why all of these features help you to build your own application.

  • Authentication: token-based, or using forms when uploading and signed URLs when downloading objects
  • Listing containers with additional helpers like limits, markers and end markers
  • Usage of large objects, that can be unlimited in size (theoretically - practically until your cluster is full)
  • how to use Swift within webapps using CORS requests
  • Using range requests to get only the needed data


Christian Schwede