Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


The open source EDA tool chain for the Chips4Makers project

Is an ASIC made with fully open source tool chain possible ? Is it affordable ?

The Chips4Makers project tries to make low volume ASICs possible for makers and hobbyists. The talk will start with a summary and vision of the Chips4Makers project.

In a second part of the talk the current state of the used tool chain will be discussed. With the Retro-uC project this tool chain is tested and it will be presented what worked and what is candidate for improvement. I do hope I can get feedback from the public and get more inspiration to improve the toolchain in use for future user projects.

The Retro-uC chip itself - a microcontroller with the right instruction set for a retrocomputing enthusiast - is discussed in a talk in the retrocomputing devroom.


Photo of Staf Verhaegen Staf Verhaegen