Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Gnuk Token and GnuPG scdaemon

Gnuk is an implementation of USB cryptographic token for GnuPG. It conforms OpenPGP card specification, implements USB CCID protocol, and supports modern ECC, i.e., Ed25519 and X25519.

I started the project in 2010, and to enable better support, I joined GnuPG development. I had a talk in FOSDEM2012. It wasn't go well as I expected in 2012.

I needed to design my own free hardware design for reference hardware. That's FST-01. I needed to design and implement True Random Number generator of my own. That's NeuG.

For better control of hardware resource, I develop a thread library named Chopstx.

In 2016, at OpenPGP.conf, I realized that people generally hesitate new hardware. Thus, in 2017, I modified Chopstx so that it can run on GNU/Linux as emulation. Now, a user can run Gnuk on normal GNU/Linux as an emulation, by USBIP, without real physical hardware device.

In short, my talk is: Everything is free software (firmware on the device, driver on host), and hardware has free hardware design, but that's not enough. Emulation is useful, hopefully.


Photo of Yutaka Niibe Yutaka Niibe