Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


OpenDHT: make your project distributed

Use cases, new and upcoming features

OpenDHT provides an simple way to build distributed software by providing an easy to use but powerful API in C++11 and Python 3. We will present OpenDHT and its possibilities to easily build fully or partially distributed software. We will also present new OpenDHT features and use cases and discuss about future developments.

OpenDHT is a kademlia distributed hash table (DHT) library written in C++11, used by the Ring distributed communication platform. It's published under the GPL licence, version 3 or higher (GPLv3+).

We will present OpenDHT and it's API, and show how you can use it to build distributed applications.

We will present new OpenDHT features since last year, such as the implemented DDOS protections strategies, the new easy to use systemd service and the REST API to use OpenDHT from Web apps.

Finally, we will discuss the future of OpenDHT and upcoming features.


Photo of Adrien Beraud Adrien Beraud