Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


DOSEMU and FreeDOS: past, present and future

DOSEMU (1992) and FreeDOS (1994) are long-running projects which allow you to run DOS applications on Linux and on bare hardware. I will describe their history and current developments. Intended audience: anyone who is interested in DOS and emulation.

I will describe past and current developments relating to DOSEMU and FreeDOS. This includes: * The Dosemu2 project, a continuation of DOSEMU coordinated by Stas Sergeev. * Where does DOSEMU fit in among other solutions such as DOSBOX and QEMU? * Use of KVM within Dosemu2 to allow running DOS applications at near-native hardware speed on CPUs that no longer support the vm86() syscall. * FreeDOS 1.2 and an outlook to FreeDOS 2.0. * The GCC IA-16 port with support for far pointers by Rask Ingemann Lambertsen, Andrew Jenner and TK Chia. This finally allows us to compile FreeDOS components using a Free compiler, instead of Open Watcom which has more restrictive licensing terms.


Bart Oldeman