Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Jesús Arroyo Torrens

Photo of Jesús Arroyo Torrens

Engineer in software, robotics and electronics. I do believe in free software and open hardware. Creator of the Open Source tools Icestudio and Apio (built on top of the Icestorm project) to bring FPGA technology to everyone.

I love programming, maths and music. Founder of the "Reset" Student Association in the UPM (Spain). Co-founder of the FPGAwars community. Currently working at CARTO, an Open Source company of Location Intelligence, as a software engineer in Madrid (Spain).



Title Day Room Track Start End
Graphic design tools for Open Source FPGAs
Learn about the Apio and Icestudio projects
Saturday K.4.201 CAD and Open Hardware 12:30 12:55