Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Build your own Skype... in the browser

A background to WebRTC

In this session, Steven Goodwin will practically demonstrate the various "moving parts" necessary to build a WebRTC application, by creating one live on stage. It will provide a better understand of how WebRTC applications work under the hood, what the API provides, and serve as a guide as to what is (and what is not) possible for developers to deliver using WebRTC, and what other technologies are needed for a full-blown solution.

The talk covers:

  • History and scope of WebRTC
  • The connection flow
  • API functionality (e.g. stats)
  • Creating signalling
  • Server-side work
  • The browser problem

It also details the business logic cases of how to take a basic WebRTC app and then to build a purely online VoIP product, such as a call centre, thereby demonstrating the extra work required to work with WebRTC, beyond the promotional blurb.


Photo of Steven Goodwin Steven Goodwin