Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Software Philanthropy for Everyone

Engaging corporate philanthropy in free and open source software

All large companies use free and open source software. Many of them contribute to free and open source software, and some of them publish their own free and open source software. All of this is good, and should be encouraged to continue.

In addition to that, though, many large companies have philanthropic arms; charitable foundations either operated by the company or closely aligned with the company, and primarily funded by the company. These foundations generally have focus areas, which include almost every conceivable charitable cause except... free and open source software!

This presentation will talk about Bloomberg's journey to add software philanthropy to its global charitable contributions, including the mundane aspects of running volunteer coding events, soliciting mentors/leaders to participate, organizing employee (and non-employee) participation, and others, but also how this type of philanthropy can be included in 'employee giving' and similar programs. Anyone who runs an Open Source Program Office, or similar group, within a company that also has a philanthropic arm should consider including free and open source software contributions in their plans, and this talk will help you get started.


Photo of Kevin P. Fleming Kevin P. Fleming