Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Leveraging Software Defined Network for virtualization

Software Defined Networking seems to be a natural fit for virtual data centers. Centralized management along with flexibility and speed of provisioning are traits of both virtualization and SDN. The oVirt team aims at making this a reality with OVN, a new network virtualization extension to Open vSwitch. The integration is accomplished by the "network provider for OVN", which uses OVN through an OpenStack Neutron-like API, allowing the use of OVN through Neutron abstractions. This concept is already being used in the oVirt project, and there's work in progress to implement it in the ManageIQ project

The session will look into utilising Software Defined Network concepts in a virtualization project through the oVirt perspective.

The presentation will consist of 4 parts: - What is SDN and OVN - Overview of the network provider for OVN - Overview of how the provider is used in oVirt - Live demo: OVN in oVirt


Marcin Mirecki