Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Convergence of your virtualization and container infrastructures with KubeVirt

In order to run containers and virtualization, admins need to take care of two infrastructure stacks. KubeVirt is one way to converge both stacks.

Virtualization is here, and Containers are on the rise. And Admins are having fun because they need to take care of two infrastructure stacks. Sometimes they are built on each other, but that effectively leaves you still with two control planes and APIs, one for containers and one for virtualization.

How would it be if you could manage your containers and VMs through the same API, and both of them would share the same infrastructure? Single API to perform automation, no need to duplicate monitoring, logging and authentication management. It’s the same if you add KubeVirt to a Kubernetes cluster, in order to teach it to run virtual machines.

This talk is about the idea by and implementation of KubeVirt the virtualization API and runtime for Kubernetes.


Photo of Fabian Deutsch Fabian Deutsch