Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Keeping It Real (Time)

Real-Time Support in OpenStack

Real-time in OpenStack is a thing now. Let's explore what this actually looks like to a user, and (in brief) how it works under the hood.

Since Juno, OpenStack projects like nova have been on a steady march towards adding the features and capabilities that users with NFV and HPC workloads really need from their cloud. The latest of these nova features builds upon earlier work to finally make real-time workloads in an OpenStack cloud a reality. In this talk, we take a peek under the nova hood to see how this feature works and how it ties into earlier work in this area (hint: KVM + libvirt do most of the heavy lifting). We then demonstrate why this matters and how you can use this feature and others like it in your own applications.


Stephen Finucane