Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Snabb - A toolkit for user-space networking

Snabb is a toolkit for developing user-space network functions. A network function (filtering, NAT, encapsulation) is any program that manipulates network traffic. Snabb eases the effort to write such programs. Snabb fits in the category of user-space networking. Snabb by-passes the Linux kernel talking directly to the hardware. This makes Snabb a very convenient tool for high-performance networking. Unlike other user-space toolkits such as DPDK or VPP, Snabb is entirely developed in Lua which significantly lowers the adoption barrier.

In this talk I introduce the Snabb toolkit. Through real-world examples you will learn how Snabb works and even how to start prototyping your own network functions.


Photo of Diego Pino Diego Pino