Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Barometer: Taking the pressure off of assurance and resource contention scenarios for NFVI

If fixed function appliances are going to be replaced and complemented by a mix of physical and virtualized appliances, the manageability and service assurance capabilities need to remain consistent or improve on what is available today. The ability to monitor the Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) where VNFs are in operation will be a key part of Service Assurance within an NFV environment.

It is vital to monitor systems for malfunctions that could lead to users' application service disruption and promptly react to these fault events to facilitate improving overall system performance and user experience. The relevant events and metrics must be reported to higher level fault management systems, to detect violations (and enforce SLAs), as well as faults or degradation in the performance of NFVI resources.

Additional statistics facilitate more resilient and performant telco/NFV clouds. By exposing system statistics to collectd, there is more data available, which can be used for monitoring, performance analysis, fault detection, failure prediction, etc. using OPNFV, action can then be taken to negate the effects of any faults in the deployment.

This talk will include: - a short overview of the Barometer (NFVI Service Assurance) project in OPNFV - A demo of how quickly you can start monitoring the NFVI with Barometer. - How OPNFV and ONAP are taking these changes on board


Emma Foley