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09:30 Welcome to FOSDEM 2018
10:00 Consensus as a Service
10:30 The path to Data-plane micro-services The State of Go video - It's a lot more than just a HTML5 tag A real life story about product testing with robotframework Cypher: An evolving query language for property graphs Status of the Apache ODF Toolkit (incubating) CANCELLED Simulating Multilevel Caches in Cachegrind Arrival & Informal Discussions Everything is a device! Pulp 3 - Simpler, Better, More awesome The FreeBSD Foundation and How We Are Changing the World FOSS/H EDA tools for SPICE modeling Graphics Performance Analysis with FrameRetrace Community DevRoom Welcoming Remarks Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) BSDCG Exam Session Convergence of your virtualization and container infrastructures with KubeVirt Migrating to Red Hat IdM in a large Linux Environment Declarative Extensions for Kubernetes in Go The State of OpenJDK Global Diversity CFP Day
  Working in the ODF TC Italy: the most hacker-friendly country?
11:00 Next Generation Internet Initiative Python 3: 10 years later OpenDaylight as a Platform for Network Programmability De-mystifying contributing to PostgreSQL Advanced Go debugging with Delve Valgrind register allocator overhaul Welcome Packaging C/C++ libraries with Conan Gnucap, and analog and mixed signal simulation Intel GFX CI and IGT Creating Inclusive Teams in Tech The free toolchain for the STM8
  An Introduction to Ada for Beginning and Experienced Programmers GPU resource multiplexing in component based systems NetBSD and Mercurial
  Improvements around document signatures and encryption Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting Methodologies for Databases
11:15 Cypher for Apache Spark A slightly different nesting: KVM on Hyper-V Æ-DIR -- Authorized Entities Directory
  Media 101 for Communities The OpenJDK Developer Experience
  Piece of cake
11:30 Ligato: a platform for development of cloud-native VNFs Networking deepdive Rendering of subtitles in HTML5 with imscJS Valgrind's Memcheck tool vs Optimising Compilers The package bazaars and the cathedrals WebExtensions API status after Firefox 57 Building RT Linux distribution with Yocto
  Documentation convergence project for LibreOffice
11:45 Hurd's PCI arbiter
  Software Philanthropy for Everyone freeIPA installation using Ansible Monitoring Legacy Java Applications with Prometheus AMENDMENT JVM Futures
  BSD from scratch - from source to OS with ease on NetBSD ARB_gl_spirv: bringing SPIR-V to Mesa OpenGL
12:00 Unix Architecture Evolution from the 1970 PDP-7 to the 2018 FreeBSD Surviving in an Open Source Niche: the Pythran case Easy GnuPG Networking-VPP PostgreSQL -- A Crash Course Testing and Automation in the Era of Containers An update on VLC and the VideoLAN community The Computer Science behind a modern distributed data store GNU Radio Meeting Anatomy of the OpenOffice localization process Making the Ada_Drivers_Library: Embedded Programming with Ada Open Build Service in Debian Tutorial: my first FPGA design A tour with Firefox' developer tools Will it blend? How to keep your embedded Linux up and running?
  BulletinBoard DHT and wireguard-p2p Advanced testing in action on a Java project Antipatterns in OpenOffice Code gdb tools: duel and @PrettyPrinter Your Open Source Community Metrics Should be Tracking More than Code The Z Garbage Collector - An Introduction
  Live sculpting a Genode-based operating system Easily Secure Your Front and Back End app with Keycloak
12:30 ONAP – A road to network automation Upspin and a future of the Internet Kodi v18 features and improvements Introduction to Flatpak Graphic design tools for Open Source FPGAs Google’s approach to distributed systems observability for Go
  pot: another container framework based on jails and ZFS
  Nakadi Event Broker
12:45 Analzying Blockchain transactions in Apache Spark Securing Embedded Systems using Virtualization
  BaseDocumenter A pixel format guide to the galaxy Community Karoke Rubber 'Duke' Debugging
13:00 The circuit less traveled Lift your Speed Limits with Cython Connecting the Edge NFV a' la VDE way PostgreSQL Replication in 2018 Dep Deep Dive! What's new in GStreamer? Shared Memory Parallelism in Ada: Load Balancing by Work Stealing Package quality assurance Funny digital electronics with Open Source FPGAs Tomorrow's JavaScript Debugger LPI Exam Session 1 Identity governance and data protection with midPoint Automating Your Lights with Open Source
  Debug your build by tracing and reversing
  Observability: not just an Ops thing
13:15 Load testing with Locust
  PBX on a non-specialized distro Nouveau MethodHandles Everywhere!
  Passing the Baton: Succession planning for FOSS leadership
13:30 Integrating cloud and container projects in the OPNFV community: Cross Community CI Networking Swiss Army Knife for Go Update on GStreamer for Embedded Devices G-CORE: The LDBC Graph Query Language Proposal Accessibility 101 (not only) for LibreOffice developers Ada, or How to Enforce Safety Rules at Compile Time How compilers affect dependency resolution in Spack CBSD, Isolation manager The open source EDA tool chain for the Chips4Makers project Making a browser fast Unleashing the Power of Unikernels with Unikraft Qt in Automotive
  Microkernels in the Era of Data-Centric Computing Implementing a safe and auditable access to customer instances of your SaaS for the support staff with HashiCorp Vault
  Urbit: the personal server
  Maintaining accessibility through testing? strace: new features Mir 2018 The LTTng approaches to solving complex problems Top Ten Metrics for Evaluating your Garbage Collector
  What community can learn from marketing
14:00 Digital Archaeology Load testing web services at Mozilla with Molotov Making electronics Barometer: Taking the pressure off of assurance and resource contention scenarios for NFVI JITing PostgreSQL using LLVM The case for interface{} Modern tools to debug GStreamer applications Contract-based Programming: a Route to Finding Bugs Earlier Package management over Tor Automated system partitioning based on hypergraphs for 3D stacked integrated circuits Firefox: How to ship quality software Android Real Life experience in Production
  Simplifying the contribution process for both contributors & maintainers Maximizing UX for Customizing SaMBa-AD, it works
14:15 Efficient Graph Algorithms in Neo4j Leveraging Software Defined Network for virtualization
  Introduction into the ppci project Graal: How to use the new JVM JIT compiler in real life
  Debugging realtime application with Ftrace pkgsrc on ChromeOS You’ve Got Some Explaining to Do! So Use An FAQ!
14:30 The challenges of XDP hardware offload Google’s approach to distributed systems observability for Go What's new in Upipe Proposal for better font handling in LibreOffice Reducing CPU usage of a Toro Appliance The many ways of using Guix packages KiCad Version 5 New Feature Demo Photon Performance The RED Method: How To Instrument Your Services. Componolit - a component-based open-source platform for trustworthy mobile devices
  i3 window manager
  Native GTK3 UI Generic Graphics Tablets in Linux JVM startup: why it matters to the new world order
  DTrace for Linux Technical Writing for Non-Writers Samba AD in Fedora
15:00 Reimagining EDSAC in open source Configuration Revolution Godot 3, libre gamedev for everyone Fast Packet Processing in Linux with AF_XDP Blue elephant on-demand: Postgres + Kubernetes Creating GopherJS Apps with gRPC-Web GPAC: Support for High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) Handling Billions Of Edges in a Graph Database SPARK Language: Historical Perspective & FOSS Development Package Management Unites Us All syspatch(8) Designing PCBs with code The future of the internet from a Mozilla perspective Keeping It Real (Time) Logging IoT
  Testing and Validating distributed systems
  LO URI 101 Rust On L4Re Evolving Prometheus for the Cloud Native World
  i++: run your FOSS off Class Metadata: A User Guide
  A Bug in Your Ear
15:30 netmdev: mediated net_device Building and testing a distributed data store in Go Matroska Low-Latency streaming horizon - a new star on the EDA sky Making the web faster with the JavaScript Binary AST LPI Exam Session 2 Samba authentication and authorization Piece of cake - testing remote embedded devices made easy
  OpenBSD as house alarm system
  AMENDMENT DRLM in Action! Hidden Gems in Draw/Impress Part 2 AMENDMENT DWARF Pieces And Other DWARF Location Woes
15:45 It's a Trie... it's a Graph... it's a Traph! Kodi and Embedded Linux Distributed File Storage in Multi-Tenant Clouds using CephFS
  Graphite at Scale at Criteo: BigGraphite Java in a World of Containers
  AMENDMENT Lightning talks XWiki: a case study on managing corporate and community interests
16:00 MySQL: Scaling & High Availability Production experience for the last decade IPC in 1-2-3 Starviewer: FOSS DICOM Medical Imaging Software How to write your own NIC device driver (and why) The Fabulous Destiny of 0000000200000008000000BB Computer Vision Using Go And OpenCV RAWcooked Testing Red Hat Enterprise Linux the Microsoft way Calc: The challenges of scalable arithmetic Writing REST APIs with OpenAPI and Swagger Ada Meet purl: a "mostly" universal software package URL that purrs. Introduction to LibrePCB The MDN Browser Compat Data Project Industrialisation of applications build in embedded environment
  Using Cryptographic Hardware
  War Stories from the Automotive FLOSS Front Class Data Sharing
  ZFS: Advanced Integration
16:30 High performance network functions with VPP Make your Go go faster! Current meta of video compression and probable futures Graph-based analysis of JavaScript source code repositories EPUB export in LibreOffice Writer DWARF5 and GNU extensions How To Make Package Managers Cry Proposal for an open and democratic Design Rule format Moby Project and Docker Inc — Balancing community and corporate needs Beyond the screen Moving PCI emulation inside of Xen GrayLog for Java developers Facing the Challenges of Updating Complex Systems
  Towards capabilities in HelenOS
  GASdotto: a platform for ethical purchasing The AMD Linux graphics stack, 2018 edition
16:45 Smart Cards in Linux and why you should care
  Dialog tunneling in LibreOffice Online Hairy Security
  Building an integration testing framework
17:00 Elasticsearch (R)Evolution Igniting the Open Hardware Ecosystem with RISC-V Addressing the long tail of applications Virtio 1.1 Distributing DevOps tools using GoLang and Containers, for Fun and Profit! AV1 Codec Update Browser-as-GUI and Web Applications with Gnoga Package Management Panel Discussion Developing an Open Source Hardware Laptop with KiCAD Asynchronous Decision Making - why and how Mozilla's DeepSpeech and Common Voice projects Multitasking on Cortex-M class MCUs
  Shaders in radeonsi
  LibreOffice for Haiku Grafana Tips & Tricks & Whats New in v5
17:15 Etienne Saliez - A look at “Natural Intelligence” Rust versus DWARF versus LLVM Configuring build base on FreeBSD QEMU in UEFI
  Open Food Facts: the wikipedia of food products SSSD: From an LDAP client to the System Security Services Daemon Hacking the JVM from Java
17:30 SRv6 Network Programming on FD.io VPP and Linux AMENDMENT DNA sequencing performance in Go, C++, and Java The UoC Radio Station Project Good things come to those who wait - BorderFrames and WriterGraphics User-level networking on Genode Component Sourcing for Design and Manufacturing in Shenzhen Analyzing developers network in a community Moving from policy to action:
  Kernel Graphics Development on Remote Machines
  LitOps: literature-as-software
  SystemTestPortal LibreOffice QA - One Year Overview An Open Platform for Collecting data for OpenSeaMap OpenMetrics - an industry standard for metrics G1 - Not^H^H^HNever Done!
  User Session Recording in Cockpit
18:00 Optimizing Software Defined Storage for the Age of Flash Terra Bruciata EU-FOSSA 2 Go Lightning Talks FFmpeg - The Media Swiss Army Knife Infinity Easy Ada Tooling with Libadalang Cooperative Communities The current EU copyright reform proposal: the end of FLOSS in Europe? Keys to deploy affordable virtual desktops with IsardVDI Beyond string-based logging The Chromium project's Way to Wayland RISC-V Meeting
  Reflections on Teaching a Unix Class With FreeBSD Wayland client basics
  LibreOffice's automatic updater work What's new in Graphite 1.1
  Tips & Tricks to finance an Open Source Project without selling your soul Why hardware and operating system engineers need to talk Wikilab, architecture & CNC oVirt Metrics and logs - in a unified solution OpenJDK Governing Board Q&A
  Why People Don't Contribute To Your Open Source Project
18:30 AMENDMENT Handling media - the RESTful approach Lightning talk session Informal Discussions & Closing Bugmark Fleet Commander: The efficient way of managing the Desktop profiles of your fleet! Grafanalib - Dashboards as Code GStreamer for tiny devices
  A Journey through Upstream Atomic KMS to achieve DP compliance
  FOSSology - OSS Project for License Compliance
  Community DevRoom Concluding Remarks