Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Home automation - Not as simple as you think

Home automation, like most fields in IoT, appears simple. A few lines of code, a couple of data points, and the job appears done. However, integrating computer code into a human life is not so simple. This talk highlights the personal issues involved in this area of IoT software development, and why the code you develop in the lab is often unsuitable for the home. "Simple" functionality like picking a random song, decreasing the volume, and playing a movie take on hidden complexities, that will be uncovered.

Steven Goodwin has lived in the automated home he's been building for the last 15 years. The Minerva project contains much of that code, but that's only the start. On one hand it needs some very specific configurations (e.g. which train stations do you use, so it can guestimate your arrival time, and therefore know when to control the heating or put the kettle on), and on the other it needs custom code to reflect your lifestyle. This latter point extends into the conversation of self-awareness of your own living patterns, and how they can be quantified.

He'll also comment on AI and service platforms (like Nest) which contain lessons for all IoT products.


Photo of Steven Goodwin Steven Goodwin