Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018



FOSDEM welcomes all free software and open source developers! While we don't own the university campus and have little control over its accessibility, we have tried to find ways for developers with physical limitations to make the most of the event.

Visual or auditory needs

For people with visual or auditory needs, marked places near the speaker are available in the following rooms:

People with auditory needs might want to know that for FOSDEM 2018, we are also running an experiment with closed captioning of a limited subset of video recordings. These captioned videos will be made available in the weeks after the event.

Wheelchair and limited mobility needs is our on campus route planner. It has an option for avoiding stairs. All routes calculated this way should be wheelchair and limited mobility accessible. Rooms with no limited mobility access are:

Accessibility contact

All staff and volunteers should be able to help you find accessible routes around the campus.

Suggestions welcome

We welcome your ideas for improving accessibility at FOSDEM. Please email them to