Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Improving Linux Laptop Battery Life

Reducing Linux Power Consumption

Modern laptops can use a lot less energy then laptops from a decade ago. But in order to actually get this low energy usage the operating system needs to make efficient use of the hardware. Linux supports a lot of hardware power-saving features, but many of them are disabled by default because they cause problems on certain devices or in certain, often corner-case, circumstances. This talk will describe and look into recent efforts to enable more power-saving features by default in such a way that this will not cause regressions. The end goal of these efforts is to shave of at least 2 watt of the typical idle power-consumption of 6-9 watt for recent (Hasswell or newer) laptops. The goal is to achieve this saving on an OOTB Fedora Workstation install without the user needing to do any manual tweaks.


Photo of Hans de Goede Hans de Goede