Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Provisioning vs Configuration Management Deployment vs Orchestration

A rose by any other name...

There's a lot of confusion around the differences between the various terms used when talking about configuring systems. Is Jenkins an orchestration tool or a deployment tool? Can Puppet provision systems? Is Ansible config management or and orchestration?

In this talk, we're going to boil down the core of each term and talk about the approaches used and where things cross over.

Names, as we know, are one of the hardest things in computer science. And in the DevOps space, we frequently see 4 terms come up again and again, and people often blur the lines between what each one is doing:

Deployment vs Provisioning vs Orchestration vs Configuration Management

It's easy to get mixed up between the terms, especially as a lot of the vendors who specialised in one area have started expanding into other areas to diversify their offerings and create a one-stop solution.

In this talk, we're going to discuss the differences between each term, what tools and approaches work well for each, how the lines have blurred in the container world and what the future might hold.


Peter Souter