Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018



A web application for managing manual system tests

While test automation is desirable in every software project, not all tests can be automated well, e.g. testing software that requires specific hardware. Furthermore, manual system tests often unveil unexpected faults simply because humans are more sensitive in this regard. Actually, almost every developer does this kind of manual tests "somehow". However, due to the lack of a proper tool support, these tests happen in an unplanned, unsystematic way and without documentation. As a result, it is hard for users to find out which features of a product were tested in which environment, on which hardware, and with which result.

We are working on a novel web application named SystemTestPortal for creating, running and analyzing manual system tests. The tool aims at being useful for developers, testers, test managers, and end-users. It is lightweight, written in Golang, available under the GPLv3 license, and developed in a student project. Many of its planned features are working already and it's getting steadily closer to a mostly complete 1.0 release.

This lightning talk will give a brief introduction and demo how the tool can be used to test a typical free software application.


Photo of Daniel Kulesz Daniel Kulesz