Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Raphaël Amiard

Photo of Raphaël Amiard

Raphaël Amiard is a software engineer at AdaCore working on tooling and compiler technologies. He joined AdaCore in 2013, after an internship on AdaCore's IDEs. His main interests are compiler technologies, language design, and sound/music making.

My main work and research interests focus around source code analysis in general, with specific interest topics being:

In general, I'm interested in making basic programming language analysis (parsing and parts of semantic analysis) much simpler and see what results we can reap from those technologies being more common.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Easy Ada Tooling with Libadalang Saturday AW1.125 Ada 18:00 18:20
Langkit: source code analyzers for the masses
Reviving the meta-compiler dream
Sunday UD2.119 Source Code Analysis 14:10 14:35