Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Beyond the screen

WebXR: when immersive content enters the Web

VR works on the web and it takes 10 lines of pseudo HTML to start, it IS that simple.

Yet, that's not enough, you might not just want to make a web page immersive, you might want to pull 3D interactive and animated content outside of your screen.

This and more is what the new WebXR specifications is all about!

During this short lecture you will discover how simple it is to make VR or AR experiments. Yes you might need to code but you might quickly discover that this is just an excuse to learn on pretty much any topic! From programming to 3D to mathematics to spacial sound... as long as you can quickly test your result (which is very simple with the web) then each little step becomes an exciting exploration.


Photo of Fabien Benetou (Utopiah) Fabien Benetou (Utopiah)