Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Update on GStreamer for Embedded Devices

GStreamer is the de-facto multimedia framework used for embedded Linux systems. I will focus on recent improvements relevant to the embedded community. In particular, I'll explain our progress in making it easy to do zero-copy pipelines using DMAbuf to connect all the components of the multimedia pipeline, from V4L2 capture, to OpenMAX based codecs to Wayland or KMS based sinks. I'll also give a short overview of the improvements into the OpenGL stack, in particular for embedded platforms.

GStreamer is a highly versatile plugin-based multimedia framework that caters to a whole range of multimedia needs, whether desktop applications, streaming servers or multimedia middleware; embedded systems, desktops, or server farms. It is also cross-platform and works on Linux, *BSD, Solaris, macOS, Windows, iOS and Android.

This talks targets everyone who cares about Free and Open Source multimedia on embedded systems. GStreamer is the standard multimedia framework, not only on the Linux desktop, but most importantly, in embedded Linux products.


Olivier CrĂȘte