Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Introduction to Swift Object Storage

Understanding the architecture and use cases

Object Storage is a "relatively" new storage architecture being widely used in cloud computing. This talk will introduce object storage concepts and use cases and how they are different from block and file storage. As an example, we will provide an overview of Openstack Swift, its main features as well as talk about what's in the works for future releases. Swift is a highly available, distributed, eventually consistent object store. It is used at organizations like Wikipedia, OVH, Ebay and many more across the globe to store lots of data efficiently at a massive scale. It provides a RESTful API for data access, making it ideal for use with web applications. This talk will also provide a demo usage of Swift.


  • Introduction
    • Different types of data
    • Differences between block/file/object storage
  • Use Cases
    • What use cases is Swift object storage built for?
  • Requirements
    • What are the requirements for a modern object storage system
  • Swift
    • Community
    • Swift architecture
    • Swift features
    • Future work
  • Questions

Length: 30+5


Thiago da Silva