Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


ZX Spectrum in the New Millenium

Upgrading ROM Cartridge to 512KB

Present the challenges faced to work around the limitations of the existing ZX Spectrum Cartridge interface (limited by definition to 16KB), in order to be able to have up to 512KB using FLASH memory.

First present the existing limitations of the Sinclair Interface2 Cartridge hardware implementation. Second, document the problems and challenges presented by it, when trying to use it for something more than a Read Only Memory (ROM) with 16KB Third, document the side band communication implemented in order to transfer information to a smarter Cartridge, that implements a paged memory interface. Fourth, Demonstrate a working sample/prototype (either live, using a real Spectrum or in video format). Check video links.


Photo of Rui Martins Rui Martins