Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


CANCELLED The dark side of Internet of things

Privacy and security concerns related to IoT

With the advent of the Internet of things, monitoring and controlling everything such as coffee maker, lights, TV, Fridge,etc. over the internet has become a child's play. But are we really making our lives simpler or diving ourselves in a vast ocean which is getting deeper and deeper? In today's world where the security of our data of a major concern, the number of websites are always tracking what we search for, what we watch, our location and now when things are limited to only data, adding another dimension i.e. physical entities is really a big question.

From this talk audience will take away an understanding of the privacy concerns related to IoT, and how they may be putting their personal information at risk by connecting my physical entities to the internet. Is it really safe to connect things to the internet?

Talk Structure:

General Discussion on What Is IoT and its future 

The pros and cons of connecting things to the internet 

How exploiters can breach the security and know our lifestyles 

 With a smart home rigged with cameras, can provide an intruder with victims' various details including lifestyles and visible passwords.That might result in identity theft with all the access codes including the biotech passwords.

Would suggest the methods for handling the security threats with channelled password inputs and multi-level user verification implementation.

Implementing basic IoT attacks: accessing the devices using physical, remote or local netowork

 During the session, we would implement some basic IOT attacks (eg. a quadcopter with development board mounted to demonstrate sniffing attacks)

Live demo & session on increasing security: Participants will learn how to increase the security and bypass few of these attacks.

Taking steps beyond: We would also discuss the mechanism that can be adopted to ensure internet privacy.


Dipesh Monga