Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


NFV a' la VDE way

vSwitches, vRouter, vGateway can be transparently deployed on the hosts of a LAN using VDE based Networks of Namespaces (NoN).

A Network of Namespaces (NoN) interconnects network namespaces running on different hosts as if they were on the same (virtual) Local Area Network. It is possible to set up and maintain NoN using VLANs, veth, kernel bridge definitions,… but it would be a daunting work for system administrators.

VXVDE and VXVDEX implement zero-configuration NoN. Starting a namespace connected to a NoN it is as simple as typing a command like: “vdens vxvde://“. This new approach is fast (about the same performance figures of VXLAN’s kernel implementation) and it runs on vanilla Linux kernels.

Several protection features can be added to support different usage scenarios: VXVDEX provides NoN with access control, and the agnostic encryption (meta) plugin can protect any kind of VDE implementation from eavesdropping.


Photo of Renzo Davoli Renzo Davoli