Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


User-level networking on Genode

Networking became a prominent aspect in Genode over the years. As common for microkernel-based systems the whole networking infrastructure, down from the drivers up to the socket implementation resides in the userland and comes in cleanly separated building bricks. Today, the framework provides various such building bricks to be combined into an individual solution for each use case. This includes components like an L2/L3-router component with NAT and DHCP functionality, a network-bridge component, a socket-filesystem server using VFS, NIC and Wifi-drivers, as well as libraries like the Lightweight IP and the Linux IP stack. The talk shall give an overview about the design of this ecosystem, how it can be used, how it evolved, and, last but not least, discuss its future.


Photo of Martin Stein Martin Stein