Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Demystifying Rust parsing

Language parsing and automatic binding generation

Usually, the topic of parsing the Rust source code is associated with the Rust compiler itself, which for many is an uncharted territory. However, parsing by itself can (and should) be used out of the context of the Rust compiler: given the wealth of information that we can extract out of the code, we can do a lot of thing with it.

In this talk, we'll discuss several interesting applications for the Rust parser and the abstract syntax trees it produces, with practical examples of Mozilla bindgen (automatic generation of Rust library bindings based on C source code) and a Java binding generator written by the author for a large-scale open source library.

Some prior basic knowledge of compilers and parsing is expected.

The intended audience is Rust developers who want to learn more about the internal implementation of the Rust compiler and to practically apply this knowledge in their projects.


Nikita Baksalyar