Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Privacy aware city navigation with CityZen app

The free open source app that let's you explore your city and contribute to OSM

Presenting the reasons of the initiation of the CityZen project and the vision for the near future featuring blockchain principles.

Navigating our cities using free software community based mobile apps in 'private mode' might sound like an easy task in 2017, but with a little research you will be quickly disappointed. There are related platforms out there, but some of them are lacking good User Experience, others are not community lead or are getting away from the free software freedoms due to their partnerships with companies that do not respect our privacy online. These are only some of the reasons the CityZen app was born in Tirana, as an OSM based Android app that helps us navigate our cities without tracking our location and activities. At the same time the app offers easy mobile optimized OpenStreetMap editing for easy contributions on the go. CityZen aims to be empowered by the community in terms of development and promotion and as a digital wallet for cryptocurrency used to make payments for goods and services from POIs easily through the app. Soon CityZen will apply blockchain as a decentralized process for the management of the cryptocoin based revenue that will be gathered through the app making it one of the few platforms out there used to help you find physical POIs and buy goods without giving away your real identity.


Photo of Redon Skikuli Redon Skikuli