Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Armin Le Grand

Photo of Armin Le Grand

I am one of the long-time programmers on LibreOffice/OpenOffice since I joined the original developer team at StarDivision (company of Marco Börries) in 1997, directly after finishing studying Informatics. I have worked in several departments, for several companies (StarDivision, SUN, Oracle, IBM, CIB, StudioStorti), at several parts of the OfficePackage, and never stopped working on it. I am still not done with the Office since I know about too many parts/places that urgently need improvements, so I am still motivated hacking on it.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Hidden Gems in Draw/Impress Part 2
Functionalities you didn‘t even know that you might need or did exist
Saturday AW1.120 Open Document Editors 15:40 16:00