Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018



A fast forwarding vSwitch/vRouter for OpenStack

Goal of this presentation is to explain what is and how it is integrated with OpenStack neutron.

VPP is a fast network data plane, part of the Linux Foundation project. It is designed on top of DPDK to run network workloads at ludicrous speeds using vector packet processing technology.

Networking-VPP is a VPP network driver for Neutron designed to take advantage of VPP’s performance. VPP brings the performance; Networking-VPP brings the resiliency, simplicity, security and scalability required to make it useful in OpenStack environments.

We’ll talk about what VPP is and why it’s a good choice for network workloads, particularly demanding ones such as NFV applications; how the ML2 driver is put together and why you can trust it to hold up in cloud environments (and even debug it); and the performance we see when we put the two together in a real world OpenStack deployment.


Jerome Tollet