Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


A slightly different nesting: KVM on Hyper-V

This may come as a surprise but it is already possible to run nested KVM inside Hyper-V VMs (and this includes several instance types on Azure). Such workloads, however, may not always perform very well. Some limitations come from x86 architecture and conceptual differences between KVM and Hyper-V, other issues could be dealt with within KVM. In this talk Vitaly will go through different performance bottlenecks of nested KVM-on-Hyper-V deployments. The presentation will mainly be focused on low-level features: hardware support for nested virtualization, clocksources and clockevents, virtual device drivers. Benchmark data and general thoughts on the usefulness of such deployments won't be missing too.

In the talk Vitaly will try to highlight challenges in heterogeneous nested virtualization, namely the current status, issues and future work for running KVM on top of Hyper-V. The talk is intended for everyone interested in virtualization technologies. Less experienced people may learn about the very basics of virtualization in nested environments (and, actually, virtualization in general), experienced developers may find something interesting in learning about 'non-traditional' nesting, review the suggested approaches or even suggest a solution.


Photo of Vitaly Kuznetsov Vitaly Kuznetsov