Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


The OpenJDK Developer Experience

Much has happened in the last year for developers contributing to OpenJDK: - the repositories have been consolidated into a single repository - the run-test make target has been introduced - the JTReg (and jcov, asmtools and jtharness) build have been greatly improved - there is now a binary build of OpenJDK that can be used as --boot-jdk (on Linux x86-64)

The situation for HotSpot developers has also improved over the years: - the HotSpot build system was converted to the "new" build system - a proper unit test framework for C++ code (googletest) was added - debug symbols are no longer zipped by default - the JDK and HotSpot JTReg testlibraries were combined into one

This talk will show how all these changes make the OpenJDK developer experience a lot smoother. The speakers will also share their personal tips and tricks on how to work even faster on OpenJDK!

We also realize that the OpenJDK developer experience is far from optimal, and would therefore like this talk to initiate a discussion on what could be improved and how people can get involved.


Roman Kennke
Photo of Erik Helin Erik Helin